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Sigafoose’s Last Consultation Call

Dr. Sigafoose touches on two different questions on his final consultation call. One – “Why are we not getting all the miraculous cases we used to?” And Two – “Why are you as a chiropractor having budgetary problems.”

Let’s jump into the first question.

“Why are we not getting all the miraculous cases we used to?” Dr. Sig states, “the primary reason is that the schools are teaching stuff we don’t need to learn and not teaching the things we do need to learn.”

Schools and Universities
Schools and Universities

He goes on to say that, “When we are not philosophically sound and not aware of the principle and we have not learned anything about innate, or we have, but we have forgotten it, we begin to listen to our patients complaints, instead of finding and correcting the subluxations. Dr. Sig goes on to state that, “We need to focus on maximum expression of innate through matter so that matter can function normally.”

At this point he proposes a question. “Are you treating symptoms?” As we focus on treating the symptoms, we loose the focus of what we truly do. That being, the finding of the subluxation – adjusting the subluxation – and getting out of the way, so that — Innate — can do its job.

We need to stop thinking that we know more then our body and innate dose.

If you understand the subluxation

and innate and matter and we act out of love, we will find that there is a marriage between innate and matter and that if we get out of our educated mind and follow the guides of Universal Law and educate our patients simply on what it is we truly do and then only do what we truly do, then your practice will present itself with people who are hungry for the knowledge that you poses.

Now, you have to understand that this is what I am getting from what Dr. Sigafoose is saying. Your best bet is to listen to this audio at, episode 014 and figure out for yourself what Dr. Sig is saying to you.

The second question that Dr. Sig proposes is, “Why are you, as a chiropractor still having budgetary problems?” If you’ve been in practice for 10, 15, 20 years and you are still having budget problems then you are doing something wrong.

Budget Problems?
Budget Problems?

If you are educating your people on what innate is and on what the subluxation is and the amount of time that it’s going to take, then chiropractic will work and then they will refer and you will be busier then you could ever imagine and you will not be having any budgetary problems.

When Dr. Sigafoose says educate,

I think he seems to be saying, “educate them quickly and consistently and constantly.” Not in a long, boring drawn out manner –to the point where the patient’s eyes glaze over and they start thinking about what’s for dinner tonight or for breakfast tomorrow morning. He recommends 20-25 minutes maximum on the first, second and third visit, followed by constant education on every visit.

When you practice the correct way and you are following the law of chiropractic then you will produce. Combine that with positive thinking, then the law will produce for us a large volume of people and with the law of exchange there will be no budgetary problems.

At this point Dr. Sigafoose asks,

“Are you afraid to dictate to the patients what needs to be done?” If your patient is not willing to follow your care plan, then by all means tell them not to start. It’s a waist of their time and their money and not to mention a waist of your time as well.

Universal Law!

Dad used to have two signs in his office, well actually he had many, but in the audio he talks of two signs in particular. The first one was, “Don’t let the inmates Run the asylum.” and the second one and my most favorite, “If you know more about what I do then I do, then you stay home and I’ll come see you.” You see, Dr. Sigafoose dose not want you to be afraid of telling the patients what they need, and if they do not want to listen to you then — they need to go some place else.


We cannot forget about, “The law of attraction,” — This law is in you, it is in all things. What you think and what you say is what you get. By not telling your patients what is expected of them and allowing them to choose their own schedule and plan, then that is what you are putting out and in-turn, that is the kind of patient that you will continue to get.

If you get nothing else from the consultation call, I ask that you walk away with this one thing:

“Greatness is inherent in all of us.”

Well, Thank you for taking the time to read this post today and to be honest, this was a bit emotional for me to write about. seeing that it was my fathers last consultation call. I know I have many, many more of these calls, but there was something hard for me to digest, knowing that this was his last.

Take care and remember to Give, Love, Do and Serve!

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose

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