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The BIG Mysterious Word!- Kids & Chiropractic

One of the most important patients you will every see is a child. Chiropractic and children go hand and hand and babies can be checked by chiropractors very soon after birth and special techniques have been developed to carefully correct any subluxated areas. When we appreciate how the nervous system may be hindered and impaired it makes sense why more parents are having their child’s spine and nervous system assessed.

10 reasons parents take their children to see a chiropractor:

  1. To encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development).
  2. To support “first-class” nerve communication throughout the body to promoting health and wellbeing.
  3. To help strengthen their child’s immunity – encouraging fewer colds, ear-aches and general illness.
  4. To help resolve breastfeeding issues and colic.
  5. To reduce the detrimental impact our modern world has on our children’s health.
  6. Encourages children to thrive by supporting digestive strength.
  7. To diminish nerve interference which may impact their child’s capacity to learn and concentrate.
  8. To promote body balance – helping to resolve poor posture, asthma, allergies and bed-wetting..
  9. To help kids stay fun and light hearted.
  10. To help kids stay in tip-top shape.
Your child’s health is their greatest asset and yes while more research into the benefits of chiropractic for babies and children is needed, chiropractic for little people has been shown to be gentle, safe and effective.


The Big Mysterious Word. (Audio Can Be Listened To Here) has been a part of my family for over 40 years and it has taken on many forms over those years. First is was a story on a piece of paper given to my father Dr. James Sigafoose. He then turned it into a simple children’s magazine style booklet that he would hand out in the office and at any spinal screenings that he and my mother, Patricia Sigafoose, would do. Years later my sister, Dr. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson turned it into a video story and finally today it has been turned into our second Chirotoon, the first being “Billy The Life Cell.” What follows is the transcript of the chirotoon in written form for you to enjoy.


Hi kids! Welcome to chiropractic.

The Spine
The Spine

Today we want to tell you about chiropractic and a very special doctor called a chiropractor.

Now what a chiropractor does is they work with your spine. Do you know where your spine is? Go ahead and feel in the middle of your back. Feel all those little bumps that go up and down your back? That’s your spine.

And your spine’s made of very, hard bone because it hides something special called your spinal cord.

Now your spinal cord goes from all the way up in your brain;

that’s inside of the hard skull and goes down the middle of your spine to your tailbone, through that hard bone.


Now coming off of your spinal cord are little branches that we call nerves; and they come out of little holes in your spine, formed out of that hard bone and sometimes when you’re playing and you’re hopping and skipping and you fall down or fall off your bike or someone bumps you hard, those bones move out of place.

Now when they move out of place, they pinch off those nerves and make them tight and they get sick and sad and that makes you feel sick and sad, because those nerves go all over your body.

They go to your muscles and they go to your heart and your lungs and if they’re not working properly then you won’t work right and that’s not what we want.

So when a chiropractor works with you they use their hands.

They do this so they can move that bone back into place, so that the nerve can flow nice and free and healthy with lots of energy, so that you’ll be healthy and have lots of energy.

A chiropractor won’t give you any shots or drugs and they won’t put anything on you and they won’t cut anything out of you.

They just uses their hands to move those bones so that you stay healthy and happy. The doctor of chiropractic works with you from the time you are born and for the rest of your life.

They can work with your mommy and daddy, your brothers and sisters and grandma and grandpa too. So everybody stays healthy and happy because his or her spine will be healthy and happy.

That’s what we want to do for you.

So today we want to tell you a story about two spines. So, just sit right back and enjoy the show.


In a small town in America …..

Happy Spine
Happy Spine

There lived two spines, one named Happy Spine and one named Sad Spine. Happy Spine had a happy, playful master. While Sad Spine, had an unhappy, sickly, sad master.

Now the Happy Spine’s master often visited the sick spine’s master – so the two became very good friends.

Both Happy Spine and Sad Spine were made up of the same umber of bones, which looked very much alike, yet each one was just a little different.

Happy Spine had all of his bones sitting on top of each other in a very nice manner and was very proud of it.

While Sad Spine had some of his bones sitting nice and straight, while others were lop-sided and crooked,especially the very top bones. But Sad Spine never paid any attention to it. In fact, I doubt if he was even aware of his appearance.

Well one day for some reason or other Sad Spine asked Happy Spine why his master always felt so good and could play outside with the other children and his master couldn’t.

This remark rather surprised Happy Spine and then he smiled a little and said, “it was because of A BIG MYSTERIOUS WORD!” ….

That night Sad Spine went home and looked in his mirror for a long time and after what seemed like hours, he notice his appearance was different then Happy Spine and thought could the BIG MYSTERIOUS WORD have something to do with the lop-sided bones in his spine?

Sad Spine
Sad Spine

The next day, Sad Spine was eager to tell Happy Spine of his discovery and felt sure the BIG MYSTERIOUS WORD had something to do with his lop-sided bones. Yes, Happy Spine agreed, he was definitely on the right track and suggested Sad Spine think about it a little more and study his master a little more also.

 That night Sad Spine again thought and thought and THOUGHT AND THOUGHT ….

Then, lo and behold! Sad Spine discovered a long, whitish, round cord, that to him, looked like taffy running down the center of his bones and branching from it were many strings that ran throughout his master’s body.

Sad Spine had heard that these strings were called nerves. They went to his master’s arms, legs, heart, stomach and simply all over!

There were so many, it looked very complicated and confusing to little Sad Spine.

What really caught his eye was the way the TOP BONE looked … It was squeezing and pinching the taffy-like cord and the branching strings, causing them to look limp and tired.

Now he was really excited, as he was sure that the top bone was why his master didn’t feel good. Was that the key to the BIG MYSTERIOUS WORD?

The next day Happy Spine sat patiently listening to Sad Spine bubble over with excitement as he told about his discovery. Yes, Happy Spine felt, the time had come.


Now he could tell his curious little friend what the BIG MYSTERIOUS WORD was! and ….. the word …. was …. SUBLUXATION!

MY GOODNESS that sounded like a terribly big word to Sad Spine and he wondered if he could even pronounce it. And sure enough he could, quite easily too. SUB…LUX…A…TION!

Now it was clear to Sad Spine why his master felt bad and sick. That crooked top bone was squeezing and pinching the taffy—like cord and the branching strings, called nerves, causing his master to have a SUBLUXATION.

Happy Spine proceeded to tell Sad Spine that a very special doctor could put the crooked top bone and other crooked bones back into place. Then his master would feel good, because his SUBLUXATION would be gone.


That doctor is a chiropractor. That very afternoon, a chiropractor came over to see Sad Spine’s master and he put the crooked bones back in place and removed the SUBLUXATION.

Now Sad Spine no longer had a lop-sided spine.

He had a nice, straight, healthy looking spine. Soon Sad Spine’s master was feeling good and was out playing with all the other children.

Sad Spine was so happy and proud of the way he looked and made his mater fell, that he changed his name to Happy Spine too. So today in that small town in America, there lived TWO Happy Spines and TWO healthy happy, playful masters.


So what we have here boys and girls is a case of a happy spine and a case of a sad spine.

Now let’s look at a sad spine, Oh my goodness! Now who would want to have a spine that looked like this?

This spine is weak and it’s out of shape and it’s causing its master to be unhealthy and unhappy. And do you know how this spine got like this? It was because it had a subluxation. And do you remember what a subluxation is now? It’s a bone that has moved out of its proper position and this causes the spine to become unbalanced and the nervous system can’t work properly. And therefore, you’re unhealthy.

So what a Chiropractor does is they locates those subluxations and when they find them they adjusts them back into their normal position. And that adjustment puts that bone back where it should be, and it balances the spine and allows the nervous system to operate at its best possible potential. And that makes you healthy and happy.

 So let me show you what a healthy spine looks like.

Now this is a healthy spine. WOW! Would you look at this spine? It’s strong, standing upright and all its bones are in their normal positions. And as a result the master is strong and healthy and happy. Can you imagine what you could do with a spine like this? Well, the possibilities are endless.

You’ll do better in school; you’ll do better in sports and you’ll be happy and you’ll be healthy. So I guess now you’ll realize the importance of the nervous system. This is some serious stuff!

So if you are ever not feeling well, you should tell your mom and dad to bring you to the chiropractor because they’ll find the subluxation. They’ll adjust it and allow the nervous system to keep the body healthy, naturally. And if you are feeling healthy –you still need to see your Chiropractor on a regular basis so they can check your spine and see if it’s developing normally or if there are any subluxations that may cause a problem down the road. Isn’t that right?

That’s right! And you can check to see if your friends have any subluxations too!

They might have a high ear on one side or a high shoulder or maybe even one leg might be shorter than the other. But remember, this is your body’s way of telling your Chiropractor if you have any subluxations, because they are the only ones who can fix your subluxations. So until next time be HAPPY and HEALTHY!

OH YEA!!! Have Mommy or Daddy make an appointment for you with their Chiropractor TODAY!



While chiropractic may be able to help with a number of health issues, chiropractic is not a band-aid cure for any health challenge. Our focus is not treating or curing ailments; our focus is ensuring the nervous system has every opportunity to communicate clearly and work effectively. This enables our body to then recreate “order” and co-ordinate healing and better function.

Chiropractic ally Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose

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