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Often when I encourage someone to join Sigafoose Weekly, I can tell that they are interested, but they just need some more details of what exactly the product entails.

So to help you out, if you are on the fence, I have created a very detailed synopsis of all the products you will gain access to as a Sigafoose Weekly member.

The video is a little bit long, but there was a LOT to cover!

Zarak Bartley

I am going to walk you through exactly what each product is, step by step and I have included some clips.

Until the end of August, the entire collection, which I explain in this video, is available from a one-time payment of €1000/$1117 for DC’s or €250/$250 for students and first year docs.

If you are interested, give it a watch and if this is something that interests you, get in touch with me!

So what do you get?

Consultation Calls

Every week you will receive a 30-45 minute recording of the calls Sigafoose was doing with his private coaching clients.

Currently there are 232 weeks worth of calls!

Each week is a different topic, Dr. Sig covers things such as: the history of chiropractic, what is subluxation, how to educate your people on subluxation, getting out of symptom care, how to train your staff, how to become more present in your adjusting, pre shift rituals, how to manage your energy, how to manage your money, how to measure performance in your practice, different problems that people on the call are experiencing, how to keep patients going past the first phase of care and daily practices and routines for success in practice.

Patient education videos

Digitised versions of the videos that sigafoose himself was using to educate his patients. You can use these as a base to formulate your own message or if you want you can just play these vidoes to your patients

You get his own health talk

You get his own pre-consultation, report of findings, x ray report, Symptoms, Maintenance Care, If You Don’t Know Subluxation You Don’t Know Chiropractic and more…

1.5 hrs of content over 9 short videos

Higher Ground

This is a video seminar series covering:

Chiropractic philosophy and principles

Innate intelligence

Cultivating abundance in your practice

Building your ideal pracitce

CA training

5 hours of seminar

Sigafoose at Red Deer

Audio of Sigafoose telling you his own story of self Discovery through learning the philosophy of chiropractic. While he is telling you his story he is also educating you on the art science and philosophy of the profession through his own experiences.

5 hours

30 days to a new practice and new life

Audio program for you to listen to 30 minutes a day for 30 days

This Audio course is on philosophy and mindset to help you in practice to capitalise on your strengths and amend your weaknesses

Different challenges to do every day before moving on to the next recording

15 hours

BJ’s fame, fortutne

BJ's Fame and Fortune and Practical Procedure with Sigafoose Title on Green Background

BJ had a book called fame and fortune

This is basically Sigafoose doing a detailed Reading and review of the book in his own way

Also examines the practical procedures that BJ was using in his adjustments

3 hours

BJ and the other fellow

BJ and the Other Fellow Title with Blue Background

BJ Palmer himself speaking live at Palmer School Of Chiropractic.

Own a little piece of history and hear about chiropractic philosophy

1 hour of BJ talking

BJs Green books with Sigafoose

Sigafoose,” reading the Green Books and adding his thoughts and opinions, while bringing it up to date by using todays terminology.

Then there is a synopsis at the end with Sigafoose presenting another orientation to a group of patients, can also be used to prepare your health talk that is in line with Green book philosophy

8 hours

Overcoming Fear Through Meditation & Visualization

Overcoming Fear

Sigafoose was very big on meditation and visualisation

This is him explaining in detail how to use these to your advantage to be the person you want to be with the practice that you want to have.

Includes the explaination behind the practice and also some guided meditation as well.

1 hr

The Best of Sigafoose the Great!

This of a collection of some of Dr. James Sigafoose’s GREATEST Talks!

Like a highlight reel of his speeches on stage

Why Chiropractic Is Necessary For Health and Wellness and The Healing Philosophy of Chiropractic.

4.5 hours

The Legend Lives on

After the passing of Sigafoose his family found a 36 month audio program

There was some damage to the tapes but 12 of them were saved

Its a collection of Sigafoose lessons over the years for practice and life including anecdotes of his many mission trips to panama

10.5 hours

The principle is alive and well

Title for Principle is Alive and Well with Gray Background

Sigafoose doing a seminar in canada talking about chiropractic philosophy from the stage

3 hours

The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

A detailed discussion on Sigafooses approach to diagnosis and healing with regards to chiropractic and how to really reconnect man the physical to man the spiritual.

Lots of anecdotes from what sigafoose learned from adjusting people in the prisons

2.5 hours

Powerpoint presenation and doctors teaching

healthy chiropractic flow of energy

A modernised version of the health talk sigafoose used

Also includes a 20 miunute video on him explaining how to structure your talk and what vocabulary to use to get your patients to understand what we do

Get to know chiropractic

Ideal to leave playing in the waiting room

Can also be posted to social media to promote your practice

Includes all the famous analogies such as the head is a bowling ball and your spine is a fuse box

Childrens cartoon content

Happy Spine

Cartoon animations explaining the chiropractic story to kids

Perfect length to watch during a parents visit to student clinic

Billy the life cell

Happy spine sad spine


Printable brochures that you can use in your office.

Topics include:

Chiropractic for children


Why you come into the office

Paralysis of life caused by a subluxation


Abundance for chiropractors 22 pages

Catch the lightening 112 pages (philosophy)

Good medicine 152pages (science)

The power of consciousness 46 pages

CA college to train your staff

Sigafoose procedure manual

Wisdom of Sigafoose

This membership is usually 99 dollars per month

However THIS month you can purchase the entire collection, still on a drip basis – so you can absorb and digest the information slowly, for only:

DC’s 1000 euros/ $1117

Students and 1st year grads, 250 euros/$250. All payments are through bank transfer or through PayPal:

USA- / Europe-

When the payment is received – I will send you the link so you can sign-up, it is that simple. Don’t forget to give me your email address in the payment message box on PayPal.

There is so much more you get too, but this should be enough to give you an idea of how AMAZING this program is.


Dr. Carey N. Pabouet & Zarak Bartley (Soon To Be DC)

PS: I am still adding Consultation Calls to this program weekly and have approximately another 30 weeks more to digitize.

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