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Meet Dr. James Sigafoose

You didn’t need to be around Sig for very long to understand his focus and drive. His personality was one of many contrasts: He could be as kind, loving and gentle as any man, but at the same time, you knew he was no one to be toyed with. It was clearly only a fool who would take him on – and once they did, they had better be ready for the fight of their life.

Dr. Sigafoose was a deeply spiritual person. He was a student of Native American spirituality, tradition and lore. He felt a kinship with these perspectives while also embracing Christianity. These perspectives and their compatibility with the writings of Palmer were central to Jim Sigafoose at his core.

He was a voracious reader and a student of history – especially World War II. He read and re-read the “Green Books,” extracting more meaning and greater understanding from each read.

His desire to help chiropractors of any age, background or orientation better understand the discipline they were called to was boundless. He eschewed political involvement. He was not an organizational guy – or even a good team player – but he was the best “scout,” lone wolf and seeker in the crowd. He held few offices and was not particularly impressed with those who did. He never stopped learning and teaching.

Everyone who knew Sig has their favorite “Sigafoose Story.” For some, it was one of the classics he would tell, like The Hog Story, The Story of Mary and the Second Bone in the Neck; or the recounting of a miracle patient seen in the course of one of the many mission trips to Panama and Haiti Sig so enjoyed.

Often he would begin a presentation without direction and no sense of where he was going. He would tell the audience he was waiting for the Spirit to give him the message, and in a matter of minutes the message came and flowed from his soul, heart and mind like a raging river. He unleashed the kind of energy for which you had better be ready, buckled in and holding on.

To Patsy and his beloved children, from each of us who were privileged to have shared him with them, a bid of thanks is owed. Sig shared with us at their expense; we owe them for all he gave us.

Sigafoose the Great has passed. Chiropractic will never be the same. The ramifications of his teachings, guidance and mentorship will emanate from us all in increasingly wider circles over generations to come.

Thank you! Vaya con dios,

Sigafoose the Great!

patsy sigafoose

Meet Patsy Sigafoose

Patsy Sigafoose is the woman behind it ALL. The guiding force in Dr. James Sigafoose’s life and the mother of them all. It is very difficult to say Dr. James Sigafoose, without Patsy Sigafoose being included in the conversation. When you saw Dr. Sigafoose speak on stage, that was all him, but getting him there? That was all Patsy. Not only did she manage all the behind the scenes goings on, she is the reason that there is doctor and patient educational material. Dr. James Sigafoose wanted to speak and spread the word of chiropractic and Patsy wanted to make sure that it was all recorded for future generations to have and hear.

dr carey sigafoose

Meet Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Sigafoose is the youngest son of Dr. James Sigafoose and one of 8 chiropractors spawning 2 generations. If you include extended family there are 12 chiropractors and a 3rd generation is entering college now. A graduate of University of Florida and Life University he started practicing in Baltimore, Maryland in 1997. In 2011 he took a sabbatical and moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and then took off to travel through Central and South America for a year with his husband Patrick A. Pabouet-Sigafoose, adding the 6th of 7 continents in which he has traveled to. Chiropractic has been apart of Dr. Carey’s life from his first breath and has worked its way into every aspect of his entire being. After his fathers passing, he moved back to the US, from living in Panama, and started digging through the decades worth of his father’s doctor and patient educational material. With his mother, Patsy Sigafoose’s, help, Sigafoose.com was re-imagined and SigTalks.com was born. Dr. Carey’s goal with both projects is to archive and digitally preserve all of Dr. James Sigafoose material for future generations and to continue to offer all of Dr. J. Sigafoose’s doctor and patient educational material for years to come.  Dr. Carey now practices at Gewoon Chiropractie in  The Hague, Netherlands.

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  1. Hello Dr. Carey,
    Can I please ask you if I can get a list of all the items that I had purchased back in 2015? I just wanted to know if I have all the downloaded files are in my laptop and that everything was saved in the download folder.
    Thank You,
    Dr. Manny

  2. I am having a very difficult time finding a contact email on the website. I just purchased BJ’s Green Books with Sigafoose. The downloads do not open on my IPhone. Maybe you could instruct me on how to do that. I have tried searching the web. I have had no luck. I want them to go in my iTunes like other downloadable inspirational talks that have.


    1. I am sorry I have not responded sooner, but most people contact me directly. Did you ever figure out the download problem?

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