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Sigafoose Weekly – “Dear God, Please!”

“Dear God, please… just 11 today. 11 visits will pay the bills. 11 visits will feed the kids. 11 visits will let us keep our house. All I need is 11.” Over and over I sent this prayer up, but not continuously. Here and there when I got desperate I thought was good enough. 11 patients per day. If that was my goal, honestly imagine what was actually coming through the doors!

I was now on the 5th re-start to my practice.

The first 4 were horrible experiences in attempting to work in other offices and still maintain my vision. This time, though, it was me, my wife, and our vision. This had to work! But it was a struggle. One day would be great, the next I sat very lonely in my office. I had the words of so many greats in my head. The sound of Keys dropping echoed in my memories, a voice that was akin to a Shakespearian actor repeating lines from various books on my shelf, and in the piles of papers on my desk, the blue covered manual with the inkjet printed bear on the cover, would catch my attention every so often.

I was getting desperate.

I remembered Dr. Sig talking about “seeing 80 patients a day” and I would work on that a bit. Visualizing those patients here. And my numbers would go up some! And then I would get excited and sit back and revel in my pseudo-success… and the numbers would drop down again. I would repeat this over and over every time I got desperate. One day while perusing something or other on the computer, I ran across a free podcast that was going to be released: It was on one of my favorite folks to listen to, “Sigafoose.” The guy who I had many years prior, wanted so bad to attend his “Gathering” but in no way could have EVER afforded it! Heck, that blue manual was all that I could even stretch to afford at the time!

But here it was!

Sig’s voice literally being handed to me for nothing other than the cost of my time! I listened. And my fire was re-lit… maybe not raging yet, but enough to finally get the idea that I needed to figure out what it was that this elder had that I didn’t. He told the story of where he came from (similarly struggling to get a single soul through that door) and how he made the changes in his office. After listening I pulled out that manual again. And looked at it with fresh eyes, determined to go through it a page at a time. I wanted that “Higher Ground.” And my numbers started to creep up. Too bad we had lost this man a few years before. My chance to really grasp what he had to offer was gone. I had missed my chance, save these podcasts. Then the guy who was doing the podcasts, who I found out was his son, made the announcement that he was taking on the task of digitizing his father’s work and will be setting up a website with a monthly subscription to the weekly conference calls Sig did while alive. AND IT WAS AFFORDABLE!!!! I could pull that cost off if it could help me keep moving in the direction that first podcast pointed me in! I argued with myself still though.

It was a leap of faith and at the time it was still a lot of money to me.

But I had to do something, so I jumped. I signed up. And I started to listen to week one… as they say, the rest is history… sort of. By listening more and more, I began to figure out the parts that I was missing! They may seem trivial, but they were vital to success. As time went along, Carey offered more and more of his dad’s products (that I had intended to purchase when I could)… but he was giving them away! “10 hours with Sigafoose!” “Red Deer!” “Higher Ground!” “The Sigafoose Procedures manual!” “BJ’s Green books With Sigafoose,” read and commented on by Sig! These are my favorites! And still 100% affordable! And that is not even all of them.

Everything that I dreamed of acquiring was there at my fingertips with my Sigafoose Weekly Membership!

I cannot even express how many times over this membership has paid for itself on a month to month basis. As I revisit conference calls and others, I continue to learn more, to refine what I have already put into play and to continue to grow to serve more and more! My average day is between 40-60 patients now. In fact, if our numbers drop at all at the office, my wife now will tell me to get back to doing what I was doing, “go listen to Sig!” And invariably, those numbers will come back up in direct response! I can’t speak highly enough about Sigafoose Weekly! If you are honestly trying to find the next level of your practice, this is where you need to be, hands down.

I can honestly say that if you have made it this far through my first blog post here on, then you should go one step further and take the same leap I did and try “Sigafoose Weekly” out for a month or 3 years like I did. It is as simple as clicking the word: Sigafoose. Seriously that is it and if that is confusing, just go to and click on the “Sigafoose Weekly” tab and follow all the steps, that is it.

Oh! Did I forget to tell you, that the subscription is month to month, there is no commitment and you can end it at anytime and keep any and all the recordings that had been dripped to you. It’s that simple. Now if you don’t do it, you only have yourself to blame.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Ken Cooper

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