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What Is This, “10 Hours With Sigafoose,” I Keep Hearing About?

With 100’s and 100’s hours of listening choices to choose from, “10 Hours With Sigafoose,” is most likely one of the most sought after set in the veritable plethora of listening choices at

Below is a breakdown of each recording.

We have highlighted what is covered in each set.

There is so much to learn here that you will be finding yourself listening to these over and over again. This set spans the course of decades in the making and is filled with FUNNY, serious and only the way Sigafoose could tell them stories.

With his trademark wit and passion, Dr. Sig educates and explores the Philosophy of Chiropractic Principle.

This set is one that you will find yourself listening to every day and walking away with something new each time.

 Recording 1

Marketing Ourselves

•How do we get new patients.

•Marketing ourselves.

•Why we need the hard sale.

•Spinal Care Class or orientation.

•If you do a proper orientation at the end you should be asking for referrals.

•Get rid of all the junk and get into the fundamentals of Chiropractic.

•First you need the consultation, or “courtship.” meaning you and the patient need to get on the same page.

•Telling the patient what you are going to do and what you are not going to do.

•Why we do not treat symptoms.

•Why do patients leave.

•The mistake of asking, “how are you.”

•What is our purpose in Chiropractic.

•You are much more important then you think you are.

Recording  2

Knowledge From Within

•What we get through education is through someone else’s opinion, but if we want knowledge we must have things revealed to us.

•Knowledge from within, by doing things we might not understand.

•When you decide you want to change your life, you will have to make a change because if you do not you will not get better you will get worse.

•Find something to latch onto.

•Visualize, see what you want to accomplish.

•Tell people what you visualize.

•What do you want to accomplish.

•Chiropractic is for everyone.

•The importance of having the whole family there.

•Seeing it in your minds eye.

•How many do you keep on a maintenance basis.

•The way to change your environment is to change your heart.

Recording 3

•What is the purpose of Chiropractic and what is holding us back from serving that purpose.

•Connecting man the spiritual with man the physical.

•Fear and getting rid of fear.

•Knowing your fears and listing them all, putting the biggest fear at the top.

•Confront your fear.

•Being off purpose and its effects.

•Having balance in your life.

•Chiropractic is just a therapy without the principle and the philosophy.

•Story of Mary.

•When you get an impulse do it.

Recording 4

Being Different
Being Different

•Sharing your chiropractic story.

•Being nuts and jumping up and being who you are, a Chiropractor!

•The day people stop attacking you is the day you become just like them, rise up and be different.

•Do whatever you have to do to be different.

•Induction and reduction of the subluxation.

•Being confident and having faith.

•Importance of BJ’s green books.

•Don’t try to change the world, just change you and then the world will change.

Recording 5

•3-6% why is this all that we are seeing of the general public.

•Are we in the business to treat symptoms?

•Daniel David Palmer and Harvey Lillard.

•When we have a subluxation we have 3 things happen, loss of productivity, inability to excrete, inability to reproduce.

•How long has that, “Symptom” really been there?

•The cause of your problem is the Subluxation not the symptom.

•You have to keep the body subluxation free long enough so that the body can heal itself.

•Are we going to change the world or are we going to just go along with it.

•If Chiropractic works for one it works for all.

•Why are we afraid to disagree.

•BJ hated when food touched so he invented a plate where the food did not touch.

•BJ spent 16 years studying the body.

•Invest in yourself.

•There is a supreme being, call it what you want, but DD and BJ called it Universal Intelligence.

•Do things that are proven to work.

Recording 6

Chocolate Chip Cookie Story
Chocolate Chip Cookie Story

•Sigafoose in Detroit.

•Sometimes we need to change our attitude.

•The Chocolate Chip cookie story.

•From mixer to Straight Chiropractor.

•Why is it that more and more Chiropractors are not using the term Subluxation.

•The practice of Chiropractic is the finding and correcting the Subluxation.

•Chiropractic is not a limited therapy.

•Chiropractic is not for symptoms.

•Are you duplicating your Thots in all your staff?

•Have you seen miracles in your practice?

•Raise your expectations.

•Selling yourself so they remember you.

Recording 7

•Managing your people.

•What is the average life of a Subluxation?

•Don’t sell on the adjustment, sell on the principal.

•What is a Subluxation?

•How is Chiropractic like Orthodontia?

•What is Faith?

•There is something beyond believing in Chiropractic.

•Read the Bigness From The Fellow Within.

•Michael Kale, Subluxation Specific, Adjustment Specific.

•Investigate where you came from and what your are.

Recording 8

•Being on Purpose.

•BJ Chiropractic Research Center.

•Chiropractic Saves Lives.


•What is your Purpose.

•If medicine got sick people well, we would be out of business.

•What does Confront Mean?

•Where is your purpose going to be found.

•How many of you believe in Chiropractic?

•How can you believe in something and not practice it.

•Are you turning your back on what your roll is in life?

•Focusing on the patient not the money.

•You can be 180 degrees different on Monday if you so choose to.

•You will never see evidence of anything unless you just do it.

A Message from Patsy A. Sigafoose

If you don’t have any of Sig’s recordings, the best one is, “10 Hours With Sigafoose,” The reason is simple, you will become a REAL chiropractor. Just listening to them in your car for 5 to 10 minutes, on your way to the office and home, will turn you ON, so you are ready for a fantastic day seeing patients. Doing this to and from work will give you 30-40 minutes of philosophy, with Sigafoose, every day. Keep listening until you know what Sig is going to say. I mean really it makes NO sense to buy them if you don’t wear-them-out! When your done with this set, I recommend moving on to, “The Seminar In Red Deer.” Chiropractic Philosophy at its BEST!




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