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The – Mental Part – of Thinking What We Want (Bringing It Into Existence)

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Jim Sigafoose’s weekly teleconference, September 2010

99.99% of where we end up is from what we think, say and do. From this we give birth to an idea from what we are thinking. We have to bring it into life by forming it in our thoughts first.

By excepting something before we get it we attract to ourselves from what our inner realizations are, we have to believe by excepting before we get it.

We attract to ourselves as much as anything as we embody within.

We will always draw to ourselves just what we are.

  • We need to work on what we do have.
  • We all need to start somewhere, so we must start from within first.
  • Growth and realization are always from within never from without, so be careful what you think.
  • Keep in mind the Law of Plenty, tell people that you have all you want, even when you do not have it as of yet.
  • In 2009 it is estimated that chiropractors saw 1.4 million people in the US. In Dr. Jim’s busiest year he saw 88,000 visits, because he saw it in his mind first.

chains-19176_1280Anytime you share chiropractic with someone it is something.

  • Are you a slave or a servant?
  • A servant is a giver.
  • How much do you give?
  • We do not sell we serve.

Do you forgive people who do not get the Big Idea the first time? A servant does, because it is his or her mission to teach and educate. As servants of chiropractic we have a tremendous responsibility to others and to ourselves. We are responsible for making sure the patient leaves the office subluxation free, the patient is responsible for their own health. We need to teach people the above, down and inside out lifestyle.

We can choose to be a servant to our profession or we can choose to be a slave to it.

  • Servants are important
  • A servant is influential
  • A servant has to be willing

If we give ourselves and our talents to our people and if they can not pay for it, I am not going to turn them away, because I am here to serve.

The joy of serving people is its own reward/payment.

Are you a symptom based practice or a service based maintenance care practice.

Have a picture in your mind of what you want and know that is what you want and then speak it. Tell people what your are seeing in your mind not what your are actually adjusting. Speak it into existence.

Do these three things every day.

  • Think it
  • Speak it
  • Act upon it.

fog-524071_1280It is the simple things in life that we need to focus on the most.

Listen to this over and over until you own it, until you know what I am going to say next.

Keep the faith and I love you, because you love the things I love.

–Dr. James M. Sigafoose


As you can see, my father loved to talk in short, but powerful statements. Each time I listened to it I got something new from it, but I think the most powerful thing he said was that, “We Must Start From Within.”

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