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Stop Thinking – Sig’s Message

The following message was sent out to all of Dr. Sigafoose’s System Coaching clients. It really is amazing the things we are finding as we are filing and boxing all of my fathers work.


Just what does that mean stop thinking. I have told you to be prepared and just go in the office without that or concern about anything and the spirit will guide you from within and you will be 95% perfect.

When you have concerns take them into the meditation, be patient and the answer will either come then or sometime later, if you are conscious to accept it.

Previous to visualizing your perfect patients and your perfect day, you must idealize your conditions and then see them in action.

Too many of you are still playing Doctor

and acting as though you really know what the person needs, when in fact you don’t have a clue, unless its apparent they need water or to go to the bathroom.

Do you really know what your patient needs?
Do you really know what your patient needs?

With all your wonderful so called diagnosis, which is wrong most of the time, with the best of them, you don’t have a clue exactly what the body needs, nor when it needs what it needs, but the innate intelligence certainly does, so why think abut it.

You waste your time and the patients time by rubbing, kneading, pulling, stretching, touching, patting etc…, when you could make a quick deft thrust on the correct vertebra and innate will set the bone and then do as it needs to for the survival of that body, without your educated interference.

So quit playing doctor and start chiropracticing

Leave your thinking in the garbage.
Leave your thinking in the garbage.

and leave all your thinking and concerns and diagnosis outside in the bushes and if your lucky maybe the garbage man may pick them up!

The great spirit, will use you if you are prepared and if you will allow same to happen. Be prepared, study philosophy, listen to tapes, read three books a week, meditate, idealize, visualize, keep the faith and operate by faith and not by sight.


Dr. James M. Sigafoose

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