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If You Don’t Know Subluxation, You Don’t Know Chiropractic

The following essay was written by Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose, via research from, Dr. James M. Sigafoose’s writings, videos and audio presentations.


Patients of chiropractic; you don’t know chiropractic unless you know subluxation. And the reason I make this statement is because there are many of you who have gone to a chiropractor for a long period of time and are still going and still don’t understand chiropractic. You know nothing about what chiropractic is. You have a misconceived idea. You think that chiropractic is the duplication of something else, when in fact it isn’t. It’s a very specific and a very distinct science, art and philosophy. Let me explain it to you.

What is subluxation?

If you can grasp what subluxation is, if you can grasp what it does, if you can grasp the picture of what’s going on in millions of people throughout this world of ours, then you’ll understand the severity of your problem, you’ll understand the necessity of other people being checked. What does a subluxation come from? A subluxation comes from number one – stress, number two – trauma from being jostled around and bumped around and number three – autointoxication which are the foods that you eat, the air that you breath and the water that you drink that’s full of poisons. So when enough poisons get in the body it causes a subluxation. When you get bumped or jostled it could cause a subluxation. Stress causes subluxations. Tell me who. Tell me where there is anybody who lives on planet Earth that doesn’t suffer from stress, trauma, or autointoxication. And if you can tell me, I’ll move there.

Because of these factors, it develops a thing called a subluxation. Now, a subluxation by definition is a bone, one bone out of alignment with the one above and below, causing nerve pressure and reducing mental impulse. What is mental impulse? Mental impulse is an electrochemical movement of an electrical impulse from the brain over the nervous system to the tissue cell. With it is a thing called intelligence that we call life or innate intelligence.

Now let’s define life.


Life is a force that moves matter. Anything that’s in motion has life moving it. Things that are not in motion do not have life moving it. So there’s a principle in chiropractic called the life principle, meaning that as long as the law of life is functioning in this body, as long as the tissue cells are in normal motion, then the body will produce, reproduce and excrete normally. It will do exactly the thing that it was designed to do. Now let’s understand that this life or mental impulse is number one – generated by a brain. So let’s visualize the brain as a generator. That life or mental impulse being generated by the brain is transmitted over a nerve system. Now, that nerve system then transmits that mental impulse to the tissue cell. At the level of the tissue cell it has to be expressed through it. So life then is expressed through the individual tissue cell and through the individual body. When that life is expressed through the cell then you have maximum health. When that life is not expressed through the cell then you have less than maximum health or absence of life or the beginning of sickness and disease.

Now where does this subluxation originate in man? It originates in the spine. And primarily where it originates is in the upper part of the spine, however it can be in all parts of the spine. So let’s take it from the beginning. Let’s go up to the brain and at the level where the brain comes out of the hole in the skull it enters into the first two bones in the neck. And if you look down through the hole in the skull and down through the first and second bones, there’s a circle and in that circle is the brain stem and the spinal cord. Now if we did anything at all to close up that circle to make the diameter of those holes smaller, then that which was in it would be compressed or pressed on and that’s where we run into a problem. Now let’s imagine we are looking your spine from the side. This is the thing that’s most common in a subluxation. Here you would be able to see the first bone in the neck. As that first bone in the neck tilts down or goes up in the front, there’s a bony projection that sticks up through, that is carried backward into the spinal cord. When this bony projection goes back and digs into the spinal cord it immediately affects the transmission of life from the generator or the brain to the tissue cell. At that point there’s about 50 trillion tissue cells. As we press on these nerve fibers, are we pressing on a billion, a trillion, how many and where?


What part of the body’s involved as a result of this? I want you to understand that beneath the point of subluxation there’s paralysis. The definition of paralysis is loss of motion. Life is motion. Anything that looses motion or looses life causes sickness and disease and death in the physical body. So beneath the point of the subluxation is paralysis and above the point of subluxation is congestion. Now what do I mean by that? I told you that mental impulse is an electrochemical impulse coming over as a form of electricity being generated by the brain, transmitted by the nerve system. Above the point of the subluxation we have a reversal or congestion of the electromagnetic field of current over the brain. Now the electrical disturbance over the brain causes the brain to malfunction. The brain is an organ just like the heart. It has a particular duty, but if it cannot function, there is loss of communication causing aberration, emotional disturbances and thereby mental illnesses.

So we have mental illnesses from subluxation.

We have physical illness from subluxation and above the subluxation, again is congestion. Beneath the subluxation is paralysis. Let’s have it twist one upon the other and squeeze the brain stem. Let’s have the bone, that bony projection, on the second bone in the neck go back and dig into the brain stem. Anything that’s going to cause severe pressure in the cord or brainstem is going to cause paralysis or congestion. Now as we loose motion, as the nerve looses its motion, as the nerve looses its mental impulse, as it’s received by an organ and let’s take any organ, it can be any organ, any muscle, any tissue in the body.

Mental Illness
Mental Illness

I’m going to take the heart as an example. The heart receives its motion. The purpose of the heart is to produce and pump blood and as that production is reduced, as we lose motion to the heart, its ability to produce is reduced. So as we reduce the production of the heart the blood pressure is changed. It will cause swelling. It causes retention of fluids. It will cause changes in your respiratory system. It will cause the whole physical body to begin to malfunction because the heart isn’t working right. But, is it the heart? Is the heart the problem? No, it’s not the heart that’s the problem the problem is the subluxation. The subluxation’s causing the heart to malfunction and now the whole unit is beginning to break down. So let’s visualize the heart instead of producing 100% as producing 50%. So 50% of the fluids stay. At 50% — there’s a change in the blood pressure. There’s a change in the fluid content. There’s a change in the organ as a whole. We have lethargy. We have fatigue. We have all the symptoms that are associated with so called heart disease and yet it isn’t the heart.

It’s the subluxation that’s causing the heart to malfunction.

You need to get that into your mind. You need to understand this. You need to know that a subluxation causes paralysis, causes things to mal-produce and causes things in essence to die. Now let me go a step further. The heart is made up of millions, literally millions, maybe billions of tissue cells. These tissue cells then, have to function according to motion, as there is more motion in a tissue cell, the more it is capable of producing. As you loose the motion at the level of the tissue cell, the cell fails to be able to produce, fails to be able to reproduce itself normally which it does; so it thereby reproduces itself abnormally. And then it fails to be able to excrete or get rid of its poison. So now we have more poisons building up in the body. We have a cell that’s not capable of reproducing itself normally. We have a cell that’s not capable of producing and we are affecting the organ so that the organ can’t produce and we’re now affecting the unit or the body.


Now, if we understand that, then let’s take the cell and realize that the cell is made up of things called molecules. Those of you who studied biology or chemistry knows what a molecule is. A molecule represents little attachments that cause the body to stay together, so it doesn’t fall apart. It causes it to take shape and it gives it its density. Whether it’s soft or hard is because of the way that the molecules are packed. As those molecules are packed in the cell it gives the cell its shape and it gives the organ its shape and its density. Now as we loose motion and what keeps molecules together is motion, movement, when we loose motion the molecules fall apart.

Let me give you an example. If we put water in a bucket, there are molecules of water in the bucket. As we spin the bucket around our head around and around and around, as we keep it up the molecules stay in the bucket. They stay in the shape of the bucket and they don’t separate. But as I slow it up and if I slow it up right over my head, the molecules would release and fall upon me. The molecules simply fall apart due to lack of motion. And that’s what happens in your tissue cell. The molecules literally fall apart due to lack of motion. And when that happens we have a molecular change in the cell, which means it’s no longer a heart cell; it’s some other kind of cell. Now that cell has mutated.

What does that mean, to mutate?

When a cell mutates it changes. It’s no longer the same cell that it was once before. It’s not conducive or productive for the overall good of this unit. It’s just another cell, it may be negative and is negative because it’s no longer with in the law of life. Now as we alter the molecules and have cells mutate, we’re in serious trouble. And you must understand that this all is coming from loss of motion, which is coming from a subluxation.

Now, I’m going to go on. Beyond that, that which makes up a molecule, is a thing called an atom and those of you who have studied chemistry know what and atom is. Now an atom has a nucleus, a little spot in the middle that has a neutron and a proton in it. And going around it, outside of it, is an electron and it spins and it moves and it moves rapidly. And it depends upon how many electrons are going around the nucleus as to what the atomic structure of that cell is. And as we loose motion and the circulation of the atom changes, when we change the energy of an atom it throws off its electrons. So the electrons leave and we now are changing the cell at the very smallest point, the atomic level.

Do you understand the seriousness of a subluxation?

Well I hope that you do because if you do it could change your life. Now I want you to understand as we have gone through all these changes, what we are seeing in somebody else. We are seeing changes. Therefore we’re seeing death. Absence of life is death. We’re seeing less life being expressed in the tissue cell in the form of symptoms, in the form of a variety of sicknesses that shows up as result of loss of motion.


Now we in fact are degenerating. Let’s take the word, degenerate. “DE,” is without, “GENERATION” is motion. Degenerate is to not move. There’s loss of motion in the body causing death because of a subluxation. It’s a major problem, a major killer, a major cause of disease in man and we’ve got to understand that. We’ve got to take ourselves in and give it the time and the space and the effort to get these things cleared up, not in just you, but your friends and your family. It’s imperative.

Now, let’s go back and realize that once the doctor has make an adjustment and once he or she has removed the subluxation and he or she can say, “yes the subluxation is corrected,” and you could say, “I still feel bad, I still feel sick. I don’t think you’ve done anything.” Well let me explain something to you. Because of the amount of time that the pressure of that bone, was on the brain stem and the cord, it could have caused two things.

Number one – it could cause a callus. The same type of callus that you get on your hands from shoveling would develop on the covering of the spinal cord or the brain stem. And since it’s been put there through irritation, once the bone comes off of it, that doesn’t mean that the callus is going to clear up immediately. We’re going to have to take the pressure off of there and keep it off long enough for the callus to be resolved. Once that happens then the pressure that it’s producing on the cord will be diminished or taken away and now you can feel better.

Or because of a long time of squeezing the brainstem, because of these bones being out of alignment causes degeneration, or loss of diameter, of the brainstem or the spinal cord. And because of loss of diameter, we have to wait for those nerve fibers to come back. We have to wait for regeneration of the cord, diminution of the callus. We’ve got to wait for the body to heal itself as a result of the subluxation, which could take months, weeks or years. I don’t know. I’m telling you that you must understand that even when it’s been corrected it must be maintained.

Now we hear this story that when people get under chiropractic care

that they’re supposed to be taken care of for the rest of their lives. I don’t know about that. Well, let me tell you this. If you can get off of planet Earth and get away from the stress, if you can get away from the air and the food and the water that you drink and if you can get away from being jostled around and the traumas that you receive in auto accidents and falls, then you don’t need chiropractic anymore. If you can get into a utopia where there is no stress, no poisons, everything is perfect, then no, you don’t need chiropractic anymore, but as long as you live on this planet, as long as you are receiving these toxins and traumas and stress from the outside, then you are constantly under pressure and we are going to have subluxations reoccur. And the same one generally keeps coming back.


So once you get it corrected you need to be maintained and that doesn’t mean that you come into the doctor everyday for the rest of your life. It means, get this thing corrected. Then come in every other week or once a week or once a month, whatever your body will tolerate, to determine if you need to be adjusted. And if you do, get the adjustment and if you don’t, don’t, but don’t come into the chiropractor to get rid of your symptoms and get rid of your complaints. Come into the chiropractor to stay healthy by not allowing the subluxation to return and you and your spouse and your children and your neighbors, everyone on planet Earth.

Let me give you one more understanding.

We talk about the principle of life in chiropractic. That’s what makes chiropractic work. That’s why we are different from other people. We find a subluxation. We give a specific adjustment to correct the subluxation, to allow the principle of life to function in this body. What is the principle of life? If we can, without us becoming religious in nature or getting off into some deep philosophy, let’s at least understand that the universe is very orderly. The sun always sets in the same, always rises from the same, that things always run in cycles, because they’re under the law; they’re under universal law. Universal law controls the universe. Universal law created the universe. Universal law created you. You and I are a part in partial of universal law in motion. That universal law working through you is called life. The life principle is nothing more then universal law within you. And you know when we violate any law, when we alter the law of life because of a subluxation, and then we have physical changes, which are degeneration and loss of life.

So please understand this. Let’s have the law of life functioning in all of us all the time by removing, that which interferes with it, which is called a subluxation. And remember a subluxation. Remember what it does to you. Remember where it is. Remember why it’s there. And remember that it is a problem in 99.9% of all the people on planet Earth due to stress, poisons and trauma that exists without any symptoms. No symptoms. You don’t get the symptoms until there is enough damage and degeneration in the body as a result of loss of motion.

So what I’m asking you is this

– those of you that know you have the problem get it corrected and keep it corrected and those of you who have families at home who as yet don’t show any sign of degeneration, please get them in; get them checked. Let the doctor find out if there’s a subluxation and fix it before we lose motion in the body and before the body has time to rebuild itself sickly. Because you see if we can catch it in time, then the subluxation when it’s corrected will allow motion back into the organ, back into the tissue cell, back into the molecule, back into the atom and from the atom up it will simply rebuild itself normally once again according to law. That’s what we’re asking you to do with yourselves and that’s how chiropractic works and that’s why chiropractic is so special. And that’s why chiropractic is so important. And that my friend is why I know that, “If You Don’t Know Subluxation, You Don’t Now Chiropractic.”

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose

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