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Office Brochure/Info-Graphs

The most important part of office growth and patient retention is education.

Dr. James Sigafoose spoke about this for decades on stage. Dr. Sig created 5 brochures that coincided with the patients first 5 visits. On each visit Dr. Sigafoose would personally hand the patient the brochure and go over the information in it with his patient. Stressing each and every philosophical core chiropractic belief with the patient, making sure that they did not leave the office that day until they at least had a basic understanding of what was in the brochure.


  • Why You Come In This Office
  • Symptoms
  • Children & Life
  • Can You Understand The Value Of Chiropractic
  • Paralysis Of Life Itself

Well, we took his words directly from his old brochures and with the help of several different designers, in a competition spanning the globe and taking the better part of a year, we have recreated Dr. Sigafoose’s brochures, not only as a in office printable .pdf files, that you own the rights to print as many as you want, but also as info-graphs so you can use the information all across your social media platforms.

B4Just imagine, you never have to buy another brochure again, if you run out, just use some brochure ready printing paper and have your front desk staff print out some new ones.

Use the info-graphs on your office website and on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. Now your social media platforms will coincide with your actual brochures that you have in your office, giving your entire patient education series a professional cohesive look.

This is a one-time investment of $295 for all five, normally $395 on or individually for $79 each, and the rights to use the brochures are yours. You never have to buy them or reorder them ever again. This not only saves you 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars over time, but will also help keep your message simple and on-point.5B

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