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“Catch The Lightning”

The following is the, “Foreward,” from the last book that my father wrote, Catch The Lightning. It is by far a book that you will have to read and read again and again. As I was writing the forward, I literally had to go back over it several times, not because I did not understand it, simply because I wanted to own it. I was amazed that I had not read this until now. The entire book will be available soon at If you would like early notification of it release and when it will be available. Just sign up to the right with your name and e-mail address and we will keep you informed. I hope you enjoy reading the forward as much as I did typing it.

Chiropracticly Yours

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose.

“Man is a damn mess until he learns God’s order.”

Norman Maclean in A River Runs Through It.

We’ll call it the Prologue. It’s about how things work. How your life works and you should address yourself to maintain and understand how the body works. How the body works without the use of drugs and surgery for health. Why we should use drugs and surgery for first aid period. But certainly not for health. Because in the beginning, God, with all the wisdom of the universe created vegetable and animal, and equipped the life forms to circumvent abnormal conditions and challenges as best way possible – logically. The same wisdom is personified in quadrupeds and bipeds and all the races and species of families.

As long as all channels of communication are open, free and clear of impediments, obstructions, hurdles or interferences in their pathways all is well.

In the beginning, God, placed himself in man as one creation. Then, man comes along and invents medicine per se under the misconception that he can scientifically do from the outside what God didn’t or couldn’t do from the inside. Educated medical men and scientific medicine with these tubes and microscopes and laboratories within its compounds, deny the cult, tenets, of abilities of a supreme internal function. God, no matter how defined, is omnipresent and omnipotent. God is inside the man, the creation of man.

medicine-163707_1280Where is this in-man if it is in-man at all? If it is this all-pervading internal power, it must be recognized and established as a dominant factor in healing with man sick or well. All space, all time, all things, grow, produce, reproduce, and live as governed by law. And yet, medical men, by insignificant education are intolerant of this factor in admitting its place functionally, internally, to run man. They substitute accumulations of outside theories to try to prove that man must be directed to live by outside experimental impractical ideas of medical men, who have lived no longer or know more than he who is sick.

The sage of ages, with the depth of intelligence to reproduce the human race requires the same quantity and quality of intellectuality to produce each human being. It requires the same breadth of reasoning to direct, control, regulate, and govern internal functions of each unit once born. Man is conceived, born, lives a few years and dies. In spite of what he blindly thinks he sees. Yet, many pit 50 years of education against millions of lives with eons of time working through billions of products.

Over and above, back and behind, all power and its expressions in a body, is that something which no man has ever seen, felt, stated, heard, or directly sensed.

That great-unknown source, the universe of intelligence in its fragment of the whole, places innate intelligence is units of life called individuals. It is unreachable and untouchable. It is limited in second-handed privileges extended to educated men to use, if used constructively. Educated man needs to be in tune with the infinite within.

Yet, he boasts of medical education, which, in effect, becomes a blanket, a birth that he unfolds by involution from outside in, below up. This unfolding is with limitations, while evolution from above, down, inside out, goes undirected, as the educated man can never direct, govern or control it, as it relates to inner life within that body. This internal governing or master control super-imposes its intent, purpose and design into every mental impulse, nerve force below, directing it where to go, what to do when it arrives, when to come and go, how much to do upon arrival, when to work and when to rest, adapting itself to all internal necessities as well as external environmental conditions.

Educated man cannot divert, pervert, sidetrack, circumvent, add or subtract from this by external artificial means, So why does man ignore the internal innate intelligence he is born with?

Religiously, he affirms it. Medically, he denies it. A chiropractor confirms it as a living entity, conceding itswoman-565130_1280 exclusive ability to restore abnormal to normal, sickness to health, regarding it as the sole source in the beginning, during life, capable of bringing back health when interfered with and the only one kind of sickness it knows. When insanity exists, where does sanity come from? Where is the source of sanity when it returns?

Dr. George Crile in his book, Cancer and Common Sense, says no one knows what a living cell is or what life itself is. All we know is that life is changed, life is growth. Since the time the sperm and the ova meet, the fertilized egg begins to grow. What makes one egg cell grow into a chicken, another into a frog, and another into a man? What makes the hand of a baby grow? It grows into the hand of a man and then it stops growing. What makes it stop growing? That is the mystery of growth.

Too often, the patient sells the chiropractor disease.

The chiropractor sells the patient disease. When the chiropractor should be selling the patient the when,where, how and why to get well from above down, inside out. Is it sane judgment to revere God on Sunday and deny the kingdom of God is within you the other six days of the week? Is this statement orthodoxy or heterodoxy? If so, why? If it is admitted to be internal that nature cures, how can it medically be denied? Why is it necessary that chiropractors be compelled to reaffirm here and now that which is obvious. The answer is simple: only because there is a so-called scientific medical profession, which calls such a cult. If such it be, then so be it.

The other day in a seminar I was doing, I asked if anybody here had ever seen God. Several people raised their hands. I said, “You never did see God. You’ve never seen God. You’ve never touched him. You never smelled him. The only thing that you ever saw was the evidence of the presence of God, or the evidence of the absence of God.” Evidence convinces understanding with logic, reason, fact, profit the reality of issues. Evidence is simple because it’s obvious.

From the moment of birth, consciousness evidence is present.

The child senses which is evidence of sense – such as seeing , hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. There is consciousness of movement, evidence of muscular control, direction purpose, intent, from which all is predicated. The body heats and cools itself, evidence of fact of which knowledge is hardly aware.

The living body eats, drinks, nourishes, urinates, and defecates. This, too, is evidence of living. This and much more takes place within that living body. Evidence of all this and more is always present from birth to the passing of consciousness, of thought evidence to the great-unknown journey. One look at any living person into a mirror presents myriads of evidence for years of study of what? Life?

This evidence is always within an individual.

woman-506322_1280When, then, does the individual ignore ever-present evidence flowing from within outward? Evidence of answers evident. Artificial education plastered and plastered layer upon layer from without. Schools, kindergartens, and universities have masterminded an illogical environmental infiltration that’s a substitute and have minimized the inner world from evidence and maximized the out world from artificialities.

The inner from above down, inside out has been broken down to give way to the outer, not withstanding the outer is a product of the inner. Internal source is eminently qualified to give. We are educationally disqualified from receiving. Reason presents evidence of why. There is an educational mental block, an accidentally received interference between above down and inside out.

We all suffer within for more or less.

We try to treat block defects by bolstering them with a super abundance of artificial education from outside in and below up, which sidetracks and stifles the normal coming-through. As a student of believing we want to know the producer, as well as product. In architecture, we study anatomy of great cathedral, fine building, and great bridges. We want to know intimately foundations, super-structures, and contents of each section, uses for each part. What each was designed to do and how and why each part coordinated with every other and all parts? We want to know wiring plans, mechanical equipment, all this to know the mind of the architect and builder.

What greater evidence than architectural man?

There are only 310 mechanical movable. Patented based; all are found in man. Man outside has conceived other new, but what is in man is evidence of everything. Mechanical has been invented. Tried. Tested. Developed in man. The innate builder of, and in living man, is still the great unknowable discovery. To study any product is to know type of producer it had. To know producer’s intellect is to know his product. To study evidence of man is to understand intellect, which produced him. As the owner so is his home which is his length and shadow. Evidence of man’s outer educated contact with his inner innate, or evidence there is contact between his inner innate and his out education. It is such a common occurrence that it’s ignored. This inter-relationship is silent, subtle, but a whisper, even though usually unknown.

Where circumscribed and enveloped with evidence that we can’t see the forest for the trees.

We’re like the babes lost in the woods; we have no compass or steering wheel to tell us where or how to getcompass-207489_1280 out, to get out of this maze. The North Star shines brightly, but educated mental age comes between us and blinds our horizon. We look and see it not. We have ears and hear not. We have a brain, but don’t understand. Yet the evidence is plain and hammers inside out for understanding. It whispers, but because it doesn’t scream, shout and yell, we don’t receive it.

Evidence to the idealist is a reality. To the theorist, a nightmare. Why does education, per se, such as it is believed to be, take precedence over evidence to the contrary unless we give up the advance depths of evidence unfolded and constantly in evidence within ourselves? If we knew how to let that exhaustible, or inexhaustible, reservoir of evidence buried down deep inside come outside, we could and would convince ourselves just how valuable the unseen world within was and is and how petty education is by comparison.

A finite educated mind seeks more education from as many other finite minds as he can contact and store away. What they receive also from the outside for present and future environmental needs. A finite mind becomes obscured, blinded and congealed as regards the existence of a greater intelligence within. Because the finite cannot tap this evidence of an incarnate mind within even though the infinite mind is always present, which is constantly and insistently trying to tap the finite, educated mind.

This greater infinite mind is in constant communication with every tissue cell, organ, and part of this living body every second awake or asleep between birth and death.

This is obvious in life and absent as evidence in death. This too is evidence, that which develops the human race and each unit in it certainly demands intensified study and understanding. Education could not build and make live one tissue cell, yet there is that something within which builds billions, organizes and formulates organs and systems, starts them running, keeps them consistently running and coordinating for threescore and ten – regardless of what education thinks, Such inner intelligence is worthy of our deepest concern.

Evidence of such force is with us at all times. In no way should it ever be ignored. The simplicity of observation of what comprises evidence is what apparently deceives the complex student into denying the reality of what he thinks. He knows he lives, sees, and hears; but the process of existence baffles him. If he tries to develop a rational interpretation of the process, he studies the prodigy, the genius.


mathematics-390786_1280Why does the genius excel on certain lines over the vast majority? Where do the special talents come from? Is there something all can do to attain the same qualifications and duplicate such arts? We know all men and women are created alike, a common pattern; therefore, the mental pattern maker in all is alike. As the product, so the producer. In and behind our commonality is a common intelligence, which conceives, develops, gives birth, directs all functions alike.

Once they become separate units that common source is alike in all, that is evidence.

We should educationally fathom then where this discriminatory feature lies that sets one out prominently and subdues another into a background. ask these individuals, “How do you do what you do, as you do it?” The answer is simple: “I don’t know. It just comes.

The same common internal source to all, thought processes, ideas, to one below who accepts them and acts upon them, yields to their intent and desire. The other seeks and does not understand. Each has the same thought processes if he will listen to that wee small voice in the same way. It might be music, painting, poetry, or new inventions. Innate messages encompass everything. Every person has conceived and portrayed and recognizes evidence of external contact in another way. Why not in himself?

Evidence of why and how one succeeds, the other fails, is that he had been educated to question, deny, debate, argue, challenge the subtle when they flash through from within, into his education, in his outer stages of thinking. Genius, as we know it, is nothing more or less than the individual who listens, accepts without question, and permits development of a superior knowledge from within to flow freely from without. Why genius is genius.

Genius has learned to expect those subterranean thought flashes, thereby keeping pathways open and receptive.

If he wakes in the night with an idea, he captures then and there during the thing, whatever it is, when it is coming. Most people would roll over and go back to sleep, forget it. Genius is genius because they have and utilize that particular faculty of absorbing from a source of greater than they know the inherent capacities of receiving and using those inspirations, aspirations and perspirations that come so freely from within out, refusing to reject them from within out.

The great mass regardless of how well educated from without in block all doors between source and semi-source, batten down hatches, tightly bolt all windows, bury the keys and deliberately forget where they buried them. To do otherwise is to be called an odd person.

Rather than to be held up for ridicule, they prefer to run with the herd.

Rather than stand out as unusual or, as the Bible says, “peculiar,” individuals doing unusual things in unusual ways, and paying the price, which all such must do. The abilities of seeing these qualities in others is best evidenced recognized as processing the same qualities in self. Too often we look for genius in far or distant countries, seldom do we see it in our next-door neighbor.

We (meaning me and my innate intelligence) have been able to accomplish many things in our life because we happen to listen to those things that come to us from above down inside out. Others also recognize the self-same evidence within themselves knowingly and develop it. Others see some evidence cropping out and don’t know how, why or where it comes from. In some, this evidence just comes and they let it without plausible explanations.

Others feel it and suppress it, labeling it foolish.

Others are ignorant of possessing such and refuse to recognize it in themselves.  Some go as far as to realize that the law of evidence is evidence of an internal law, knowing that it is in everyone all the time. That is, it is not a special dispensation to special characters that it beckons for entrance constantly. Recognition of an inner superiority of grater intelligence broader, deeper and longer than our accumulated education is pumped into us from without between birth and death. It does not go beyond the bounds of superficial, explainable evidence. Such recognition, however, does not warrant our acceptance of the theories of mediumistic spiritualism of the return to us of dead personalities of previous person, bringing us messages from beyond the River Jordan, as so much per around a circle under dim lights.

                                                                                                  –J.M. Sigafoose, DC

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