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“Good Medicine” Finding Ourselves and Finding Others.

Medicine means one’s own personal power or expression of life.

If we can find ourselves, we can then find others. It is in the finding of others that leads us to the service of God and good.

This is an earth walk and as the medicine wheel teaches us to get in touch and determine where and who we are in this life — the intent of this book is to journey with you back to center.

Please read this, then underline, then study it, until you can commit it to memory.

About The Author

A graduate of National College of Chiropractic, Dr. James Sigafoose, practiced in Pennsylvania until 1980 with his wife Patsy. At that time they moved to Florida and he began his speaking tour. He has been to 10273776_833148156700441_2498817675936616247_nRussia, Japan, Australia and many other countries, teaching philosophy and representing chiropractic. While speaking throughout the world, he also held his own seminars and produced and sold doctor and patient educational products.

Dr. Sigafoose, has six children, all whom are chiropractors and now their children are also preparing to enter chiropractic as well.


When asked to write this forward I asked to read the manuscript first, so I would know exactly what I was forwarding.

After reading the script twice I had a completely new perception of Chiropractic and problems that concern most people in life.

Had I know more about the centrum of Chiropractic I would have been a patient long ago. This book not only gives a rational explanation of the hows and whys of Chiropractic, it gives answers as to the failures we endure and why.

The Major problem I see with this writhing is that it is too short and not done soon enough.

I am not a D.C. nor even a professional, but I do know the laws of life and the physics of the earth.

“Good Medicine,” gives power to self and the god within all including Mother Earth.

So read it well and if you get as much as I from it then it is a very good thing.

 –Ralph Gilmore                                                                                                                                                                   A patient, a friend, a true spirit.

“Where Oh Where Has Chiropractic Gone?”


In my travels around the United States and the world I hear how chiropractic is growing, how the schools are thriving and how we are making great strides.

I have a habit of checking the yellow page ads and throughout the country they read as if written from one pen. Then I check the ads of physical therapists and, lo! I read almost the same thing! Does that mean chiropractic and physical therapy are duplicating professions?

Some of our schools are turning out graduates who never heard chiropractic philosophy, deny the subluxation and depend on therapy over and above the adjustment. When they do adjust, it is not specific, is more often than not in the wrong place and is properly called manipulation rather than adjustment.

Our associations, as good as they could be, represent a message that clearly does not lend itself to the philosophy of chiropractic. The F.S.C.O. will claim differently, but they are a voice in the wilderness whispering in the wind.

Adjusting-Hands-01The art of chiropractic has been has been mastered by few, and the art of locating and correcting a vertebral subluxation is not paramount in the minds of the majority. The science of chiropractic is, for some, the use of laboratory procedures that duplicate medicine and are not chiropractic though they will show physiologic change.

The use of posture constant x-ray, chiropractic examination and chiropractic findings have become almost a thing of the past. The philosophy of chiropractic has been the neglected portion of the triune of chiropractic. When it is taught, it is so minimal it is soon forgotten, or it is tough, but in a way that is not marketable, or not at all.

We have the super straight, straight, bent and mixer in our profession and the only thing we can agree upon, if at all, is the subluxation and that is being denied.

Several states no allow the prescribing of over-the-counter drugs. That eliminates our claim to be the largest drugless health profession in the world. It, also, is the beginning of the end of principled chiropractic – meaning chiropractic depending on the law of life. Drugs are drugs – there is no such thing as a little pregnant.

The Principle of chiropractic is not owned by chiropractic; it is the popular vehicle for same. But, medical doctors have the same rights as we to utilize the principle of life in their practices and many of them are doing so. They are calling it something different, but it is the same.

We need chiropractic research by chiropractors that understand chiropractic. Chiropractic being a science, art and philosophy need to be researched as a science, art and philosophy – not an art, just a science, nor just a philosophy – but all three harmoniously.

I believe the philosophy answers the whys in science and art and if one is ignorant of philosophy, he or she tends to be ignorant of the art and science.

To duplicate medicine or therapy is to duplicate a weak link in the potential health of the world, To be unique and strong in our position adds years to the lives of millions. B.J. Palmer said in Fame & Fortune, bj_5“The weak link in chiropractic is our failure to recognize an innate intelligence in all living things. When we can and will recognize this innate intelligence, it then changes our perspective and perception of life and health.”

I think our fundamental problem is that we have those who think the recognition of an innate intelligence is some quasi-religion. Others feel we must have absolute scientific evidence for all action and interaction and the twain can’t meet.

The insurance programs have forced some to adopt a different posture and to change their vocabulary – and thus change their position. The regulation of the curriculum of the schools by C.C.E and the use of Ph.D.’s and Master-degrees who do not believe or accept chiropractic and yet teach in chiropractic schools, cause a loss of direction, especially when these instructors voice their opinions in class. As a student, I would not tolerate paying tuition and the wages of my professors to learn chiropractic, and then have those same people put down our pioneers and our philosophy.

I thank you for reading on and hope much good comes to you.

As we begin to accept who and what we are, we can change and ultimately direct our energies in the right direction.

–James McNeal Sigafoose D.C.

“Good Medicine,” in its entirety is available for instant DIGITAL download on Be sure to leave your name and e-mail address to the right and you will be notified as soon as the sight goes live. We look forward to hearing any and all of your comments bellow and if you have any questions what so ever please get in touch with us at your convenience.

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose.

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