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“Wisdom” From Sigafoose, Filling your Website and Facebook With Incredible Content!

While there is a ton of content out there for you to use and share, it can be time consuming looking for it and finding just the correct article or information to post. “Wisdom, From Sigafoose,” is FILLED with article after article and Daily Affirmations and Quotes Of The Day that you can use either in your office or reproduce for Facebook or on your website. Keep your patients entertained, motivated and informed by picking one article per week to handout or post to your Facebook page. With over 80 articles and 20 affirmations and quotes you can keep, not only yourself, but your patients focused on the, “BIG IDEA.”



A slip on the snowy side walk in winter is a small thing, It happens to millions. Fall from a ladder in the summer is a small thing. It happens to millions. The slip or fall produces a subluxation. The subluxation is a small thing. The subluxation produces pressure on a nerve. That pressure is a small thing. That decreased flowing produces a dis-eased body and brain. That is a big thing to that man. Multiply that sick man by a thousand, and you control the physical and mental welfare of a city. Multiply that sick man by one hundred and thirty million, and you forecast and can prophesy the physical and mental status of a nation.

So the slip or fall, the subluxation, pressure, flow of mental images and dis-ease are big enough to control the thoughts and actions of a nation. Now comes a man. And one man is a small thing. The adjustment replaces the subluxation. That is a small thing. The adjusted subluxation releases pressure upon nerves. That is a small thing. The released pressure restores health to a man.

This is a big thing to that man.

Multiply that well man by a thousand, and you step up the physical and mental welfare of a city. Multiply that well man by a million, and you increase the efficiency of a state. Multiply that well man by a hundred thirty million, and you have produced a healthy, wealthy, and better race for posterity. So, the adjustment of the subluxation to release pressure upon nerves, to restore mental impulse flow, to restore health, is big enough to rebuild the thoughts and actions of the world. The idea that knows the cause, that can correct the cause of dis-ease, is on of the biggest idea known. Without it, nations fall; with it, nations rise.

This idea is the biggest I know of.

B.J. Palmer, 1944


The following is and example of just one article and one daily affirmation and quote. Not only are these powerful, but they can keep you on point and there is no better way to start your Day, Week, Month or Year. Every moment is an opportunity to start anew.



We all know that we have to have money before we can spend it. And how comfortable it makes us feel to have a good fat checking account, an account big enough to draw on in emergencies without impoverishing us when it comes to paying for our ordinary needs.

Let us talk about another kind of checking account which is equally important. We are calling it Your Spiritual Bank Account because we believe there are great spiritual forces that we can draw on and deposit in our own minds, and which can be used in any emergency, in any stress or strain of life.

Life has enough of everything to spare. It contains love and faith and peace of mind and joy. Would it not be wonderful if we could build up a spiritual bank account and hold it in reserve; and account which we knew would be sufficient to meet any emergency in our lives? For we are always being called on to meet emergencies — times when we need more love and tolerance, more kindness and understanding, a deeper faith and higher hope.

These are the real crises in our lives. And at such times, unless we have a vast amount of good stored, we not only become impoverished, but we sometimes become destitute of hope. And then despair takes the place of hope, and fear takes the place of faith. This is what we want to avoid.

How would it be if we all opened a spiritual account with the Bank of Life and, realizing that we were drawing on the infinite, each day deposited enough hope and happiness and faith to more than meet any emergency that might possibly arise. The wonderful part about this is that we know Life contains all these things and It wants to give them to us. It is intended by the Diving scheme of things that we should have them.

–Dr. James M. Sigafoose




An educated man just teaches the thing that he has been taught, and it’s the same that everyone has been taught that has read and studied the same books that he has.




I acknowledge my true power by listening to my wee small voice. I keep education in its proper perspective.


When all things fail and nothing is going right, we can always take a deep breath and start over. We hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any further questions, by all means please contact us. If you are interested in, “Wisdom From Sigafoose,” this and many other doctor and patient educational material will be available here at, If you would like further information or to be notified when the site goes live, just leave your name and e-mail address and we will contact you when all the EXCITEMENT starts.

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose

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