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Who’s The Healer?

Audio Presentation By Dr. James Sigafoose, Available for Download on

What an amazing talk!

This was taped live in New Orleans and is approximately 2 and half hours long. I know I only cover a portion of each of my fathers talks, but each clip that I review is filled with so much information, that it would literally take me a life time to get through each one. So, with that, let’s just dive into this one.

Throughout this audio presentation Dr. Sigafoose repeatedly uses the term or terms Universal Intelligence,

Zero Point Energy and God. Immediately he let’s us know that these terms, according to your understanding of them are all synonymous! They are all used to explain the power that made the body! For the purpose of sticking to one term, I will use, what I feel is the point of this entire talk, Universal Intelligence or Universal Law.

He opens this talk with the statement that we all operate on a principle, that being Universal LAW, that there is intelligence, within every particle of matter, which maintains its existence, and gives to it, all of its properties. He moves on from here and lets us know that the brain converts this intelligence into what we call Innate.


Now — what is this Innate and or Intelligence? First of all —

  1. It is in all living things and will do whatever it needs to make us survive.
  2. It replicates itself and replaces tissue cells
  3. It allows us to adapt to our environment and
  4. It is the governor in reproduction

So how does this work?

How does Universal Intelligence become Innate? From what I get from this – is — that once “innate” enters us it basically steps down and it reduces its vibrations and increase its density — from this point it expands and reduces its vibration until we get to a form or to US. So basically we are electrons that have vibrated down to the human form. Amazing, so simple in its explanation.

I love the way, Dr. Sig, in this segment goes directly into –“The Power That Made The Body – Can heal the Body!”

That we have the ability to heal ourselves, that innate knows exactly what it needs to do within our bodies. So conversely, when something goes wrong with this form wouldn’t it make sense that there is an interruption of this Universal Intelligence? That the life we receive comes from (Above – Down and Inside-out) because when we cease to vibrate at a certain level we change.

Here Dr. Sigafoose uses an example of Breast Tissue – That when the intelligence changes or is interrupted say by a subluxation. We slow down or loose Energy and that when this occurs this Tissue, no matter where it is in the body, can slowly become sick or he uses the word Cancerous.

Here in the talk is where Dr. Sig starts to talk about, “Who’s The Healer” He gets into the idea that Energy effects matter and energy follows thought —Sooooo wherever we project ours thoughts our energy should and will follow.

He talks about a lady that he knows, who has a tumor in her breast, but she lives in Pennsylvania and he lives in Maryland. She wanted my fathers help so they started working together – long distantly – and started projecting thoughts and positive energy between each other, they did this for a while, I mean over time and after a period of time he says that this women in PA went to here next oncologist appointment and on this visit the doctor said her tumors decreased in size! WHY???? Simple – Because Energy follows thought!

We Control Our Thoughts
We Control Our Thoughts

Would it not make sense then, that if we as a species could change our thoughts then we could in fact change the energy of the world around us? WOW! At this point Dr. Sigafoose, furthers the thought that if her whole family could or would go to her at the hospital and for 24 hours a day, in shifts and project positive thoughts and energy, wouldn’t they be able to not just heal her, but empty out the hospital? Pretty Deep. But is it possible? I will leave that for you to decide.

So here, in the audio, is where he starts talking about Intellect and how we have a habit of over thinking what we do. We become afraid, mostly of rejection, but he states if we simply prepare ourselves by visualization and meditation we have no need to be nervous. Rejection happens – Only through rejection can we succeed because sooner or latter someone is going to say YES – I like this idea, it makes rejection a practice of growth and not of failure.

So he goes on to say —

We have to remember that every single particle of matter inside of us has intelligence. That if our cells are given the opportunity to remember their normal state, that being Perfection, and there is no interference then the intelligence will return the cell to its whole state. So don’t over think it and don’t be afraid, because it is Universal Law and it does not fail — when it’s given a chance to succeed. Ok, who is mentally over stimulated now? WOW! I would have to say I am, but in a good way.

OK, see what I said about only going over a small portion of his talks, which is why we have them on for you to download in their entirety. Anywho, I digress.

Here is where we jump into the topic of health being a Triune – Spiritual, Mental and Physical. I think the physical we got covered, that being the subluxation and keeping the nervous system open and flowing freely. But Sigafoose goes into a different area here, that being LOVE – ABUNDANCE – AND INTELLECT vs. INNATE.

In this segment he asks a simple question. “Do You Love Yourself?” Do you approach everything with that

one simple statement? If you do – do this, then you have already started the healing process before you even walk into the room with your patient. Nice!!! I think this falls along the line of when you walk into a room and it is full of negative energy, you just want to LEAVE –RUN AWAY, but now — walk into a room that is full of love and you can sense it and you want to be there you want to stay.


So what is the DOMINANT thing you must maintain? Yup, that is right, LOVE.

If you operate with unconditional love you will attract more people. So do not operate in FEAR and remember that people are not rejecting you they are rejecting themselves. So you must continue to work out of Abundance. If you are abundant – happy- and healthy that is what people will see in you. This goes back to energy. Because only you are in control of your thinking and we have a choice between constructive thoughts and destructive thoughts and we must be careful at all times what we keep in our minds, because –THOUGTS BECOME REALITY.

Now if you like what you read today and you would like to get the full gist of this talk, I highly suggest you go on over to and get the full digital version of this talk. This one and many more are available. Including Dr. Sigafoose’s videos and written work as well.

Take Care and remember Keep your thoughts positive and your mind full of Love – Abundance – and Belief. Until Next time —Give for the sake of giving – Love for the sake of loving — do for the sake of doing and Serve for the sake of serving. Do this – and all else will follow.

Chiropractically Yours,

 Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose

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