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When A Hotel Gets The “Big Idea”

In an attempt to write about other areas of interest I came across an incredible hotel that gets the bigger idea about living life. This post was NOT solicited by EVEN Hotels, I was just simply blown away that a company, and a hotel at that, is looking at life in a different way, and I felt that I should, no NEEDED, to write about it.

I guess you can say that I am a lucky person. I have had the privilege of traveling all around the world several times. As of date I have been to over 70 countries and with that comes visiting and staying at a lot of different hotels and seeing how many different companies not only look at travelers, but also how travelers see how they can fit their lifestyles into their travels.

With that, I had the opportunity to do a little traveling this week, but very close to home. Patrick, my husband, had a business meeting in Rockville, Maryland and seeing that it was very close to Bethesda, Maryland, where I want to open my next practice, I went along for the trip. As per usual, I made no plans and just went along and figured I would find a place for us to stay when we got there.

Even Hotels
Even Hotels

Enter, EVEN HOTELS, in Rockville, Maryland. Here are a few of the reviews that this AMAZING hotel has gotten.

“This is the first hotel I’ve ever bothered to review because I was SO IMPRESSED!”

“The lobby is beautiful, stocked with snacks and water and a bar with delicious signature drinks.”

“The room was everything I never new I always needed or wanted in a hotel room. Sparse and modern. Luxurious sheets on a comfortable bed and a stocked work out area with everything needed for evening pilates and morning yoga – including classes on special TV channels.”

“Please build one in every city everywhere.”


Guests walking into any Even Hotel will be greeted with assorted fruit-infused waters. (The current Rockville lineup includes lime cucumber mint and watermelon rosemary.) At check-in, they get a cooling towel, along with the option of purchasing a sweat-proof wristband that can be used in place of a regular key.

When it’s time to head to their rooms, guests can skip the elevators and take the staircase. Printed

King Guest Room
King Guest Room

footsteps show the way, so it’s easy to find. Bright windows and inspirational signs (“Stay one step ahead today”) make it a pleasant climb.

In the rooms, the lights have dimmers and can change color. The pillows come in squishy and firm varieties. And the desk and chair are on wheels, so “you feel in control of the space.”  A panel next to the TV also flips down to create a standing desk.

Instead of a minibar stuffed with tempting junk, there’s just an empty fridge. And instead of a pricey bottle of water, there’s a reusable water bottle that guests can take home free of charge.

The most obvious difference? An area with cork flooring devoted to exercise. Each room is stocked with a stability ball, a yoga mat, a block and a foam roller, as well as the Even Trainer that is on the TV when you turn it on.

Lobby Gym
Lobby Gym

There’s also a fancy “athletic studio” on the ground floor near the lobby.  It boasts Woodway treadmills and other top-of-the-line equipment, plus a “flex” room off to the side for cycling and yoga classes.

After a workout, guests can refuel at Cork & Kale. The restaurant’s menu options include yogurts, flatbreads and salads — all with labels highlighting whether dishes are vegan, have fewer than 426 calories or fit other criteria.

“People get it,” says Scott Blakeslee, Even’s chief wellness officer, who leads morning runs twice a week.

This concept is for everyone and it is not just about finding a place to sleep for the night while you are out traveling, it is about finding a place that understands that you look at life and the places that you go, as “the journey” not just “the destination.”

I know that this is an odd post here on, but being a chiropractor to me is about trying to live my life in the most healthy and positive way that I can and every now and then you find a person, or in this case a company, that just gets the BIGGER IDEA about life. That being, we are given choices every day about how we want to live. The EVEN Hotel gets it.

“We do more than care about your wellness – we’re inspired by it. Everything we do is designed to give you choices so you can stay well on the road. Travelers like you, are tired of having their fitness routines disrupted when traveling. That’s why we make sure you stay well while you’re away.”


Social Area and Computers

So the next time you are out and about try to support local companies and organizations that are trying to make a difference in the way we all live our lives. The care of our patients does not end at the adjusting table, it follows them in all that they do, so let’s do our part is helping them, not just choose chiropractic so that they may live a healthier life, but in showing them that there are AWESOME choices out there that can help them stick to their decision to LIVE a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!

Well Well Well also Fueled By EVAN Hotels

At the moment there are only two EVEN Hotels. One here in Rockville, Maryland and their first one in Norwalk, Connecticut. From what I have been told, they have many more, in the plans, to be opened in the coming years.
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