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Consultation Call, Being Coached By Sigafoose

If you could go back in time and be personally coached by Dr. James Sigafoose with some of the most successful people in chiropractic, would you do it?

If given the chance to have access to some of the best chiropractic philosophy whenever you want to, would you take the time to listen?

If you could have a conversation with 1000’s of philosophically sound chiropractors forming a worldwide network dedicated to being the BEST, Most Successful, and Philosophy Based Chiropractors in the world, would you join?

If you could be the best Chiropractor that you could be, would you do it?


My dad, for years, coached 1000’s of Chiropractors through his Gatherings and the “Sigafoose System”.  For those of you who do not know what the “Sigafoose System” was, it was a program put together by Dr. James M. Sigafoose, to help chiropractors become not only the doctor they always wanted to be, but also the person they always knew they could be. It was a $595.00 monthly consultation program. It consisted of the “Sigafoose Systems Manual,” “The Weekly Consultation Calls,” “The Gathering Seminar” and weekly personal phone calls to go over your stats and both your office and personal goals. All of this was to grow your practice to become a large philosophically based high volume office. The emphasis of my father’s System was his weekly phone consultation. The brunt of the work was always to be done by you, but there was always accountability for your actions with the weekly group consultation call.

On these calls, Dr. Sigafoose covered EVERYTHING, from FEAR to LIVING an abundant life, to office goals and personal and professional spirituality. There really was no topic that Sigafoose did not cover. If you have not heard the Consultation Call, episode 051 yet, I suggest you take a few minutes out of your day, OK, 45 minutes out of your day, and have a listen. On this call Sigafoose talks about how what we think, we bring into existence and much, much more. And guess what Docs, I have over 2 years worth of these calls recorded and ready for release and even still more that we are digitizing every day.

I can’t keep this to myself… so we are starting something new.

What we have done is created a NEW, “Subscription Service,” that houses all of my fathers consultations calls. We call it, “The Consultation Call, Being Coached By Sigafoose” or just BCBS for short. What it’s made up of is the “Systems Manual,” the “Consultation Calls” and a PRIVATE members only Facebook group for ALL the member of the weekly Consultation Call to bounce their questions, ideas, problems and successes off each other, but because we want as many people as possible to be able to participate in these life changing calls, we have cut the price down to $75.00 per month. There were many lucky people out there that were coached by Sigafoose, but now all of his knowledge and know how is available to everyone and at a fraction of the cost.


As far as the Systems Manual, well it is over 200 pages of sample letters and office promotions and CA phone call and front desk procedures, as well as what needs to be done on day 1, 2 and 3 of a new patient visit, to how to properly take office stats and sample travel cards too. It really is a lifetime of knowledge packed into one digital book. The best part is every single page can be copied and pasted into Word or any other type of document editor so that you can personalize every letter, flyer or travel card with your own photos and information. Oh Yea! Did I mention that the last part of the Manual is all about how to think and grow rich?

So to recap, you are getting,

The Sigafoose Systems Manual with over 200 pages of office growth and procedures, CA education and office marketing ideas, a Private Facebook room that is only for people who have subscribed to the Consultation Call, so you have a Worldwide network of like minded people who are Philosophy minded chiropractors and if that was not enough, you are also getting the weekly consultation calls that is, SIGAFOOSE. By that I mean it is pure, unadulterated, Greenbook based, Universal Law, Innate pure, Subluxation based, Abundance enhanced, If You Think It You Can Have It –SIGAFOOSE–. You get all of this for $75.00 per month, or as I would like to think, less then 1.5 patient, yes I said patient, visits a month or considering how much a new patient is worth, a whole heck of a lot less then that. Basically one patient visit would cover this Subscription Service per month.

So let me ask this question one more time. If you could be the best Chiropractor that you could be, would you do it?

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose

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