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Patients Get Posture: 3 New Patient Marketing Strategies

By Krista Burns Posted February 4, 2016 in

Just by reading the title of this article you probably did what…?You saw the word “posture” and you instantly shifted in your chair noticing that your shoulders were forward and you are slumped in your seat, am I right?

What triggered you to change your physiology when you saw the word “posture”? The trigger was a subconscious habit loop that we all have that tells us we are supposed to sit up straight. We have been told this for years; the word posture is literally ingrained in our subconscious, controlling our motor patterns.

Patients get posture.

They understand the connection that proper posture is healthier for their bodies than slumped posture. They get the concept that they were designed to be in proper alignment, and recognize the health benefits associated with maintaining proper postural design.

Patients get posture. Utilize this to your advantage and market to patients in their language. Speak directly to them, make your marketing relevant, and you will fill your practice with new patients!

3 New Patient Marketing Strategies (that work):

1) Value Added Campaigns on Social Media:

Become the authority in your marketplace via social media. Our ability to stay connected and reach targeted audiences is stronger than it ever has been before. By building your social media presence and posting regularly to your audience, you make yourself the authority in your community. The only catch…you must post valuable content.

That’s why we recommend doing “Value Added Marketing Campaigns.” These marketing campaigns target your audience and answer the questions that they have about posture and how postural correction can benefit them. Prepare an entire campaign around posture to educate and engage your social media community.

Value Added Campaigns are centered around one theme, for example “Fit Posture for Athletes” or “Posture Perfect Pregnancy” for pregnant mothers. Spend 2 weeks to one month posting about the same topic. Post on social media 4 times per day for ultimate engagement.

4 times?! Yes, 4 times per day is recommended. Let’s break this down…one blog, one video, one photo, and one written phrase. The easy part is that they can all be related. Write a blog post first, then utilize that information for your video, photo and written phrase. All of your posts should be educational and add value to your target market for free. Encourage engagement by answering questions and sharing your material in online forums.

At the end of the 2-week/month timespan you have built a strong relationship with your followers. At this point, give them an offer they can’t pass up. Invite them to your office for a first visit consultation or to attend a free posture workshop (see below).

2) Monthly Posture Workshops:

Monthly Posture Workshops are one of the best ways you can consistently and predictably grow your practice. Set your calendar one year in advance and host one Posture Workshop per month (for free) for your current patients and for your potential new patients.

Inviting your current patients is a great way to keep them involved and keep them motivated about their care plan. Each Posture Workshop will cover a different topic, so they won’t get bored. For example, one month you can discuss ergonomic design with “Design Your Workspace” and another month you can discuss “Posture and Body Language.”

Even better…match your Posture Workshop theme with the theme of your Value Added Campaign and invite your social media audience to join you in your office for an educational experience. This is a safe opportunity for them to meet you and see your office. By the time they decide to do a first visit, they are pre-educated and ready to be committed!

3) Yearly Posture Examinations:

Every person should have a yearly posture examination starting at age 6 years old and extending through their adult years. Yearly posture examinations with Posture Imaging allow you, the Posture Expert to see changes in your patents’ posture overtime.

Their first Posture Image will be considered their baseline posture presentation. Any deviation from normal over the years- caused by traumas, lifestyle changes, or occupational habits- should be corrected right away before progressing to spinal degeneration and postural collapse.

Need a reason to contact your “Reactivation List”…? This is a safe way to invite back old patients. Let them know the importance of having their yearly posture examination, and remind them each year when they are due. Simply send them a postcard or an email to come in for their yearly posture examination.

This is also a great closing line in community health talks. Ask the audience who has had their yearly posture examination this year. Then offer them a deal they can’t pass up to have a posture examination done in your office. It works like a charm.

If you would like to learn more, click any of the links above or simply click HERE.

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