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Patient Education Videos — Educating Your Patient From Day ONE!

Did you know that Dr. Jim Sigafoose has made multiple chiropractic care videos that can take your patient from Day One all the way through to Maintenance Care? I have been working with these videos ever since my father created them. While living in Japan in 1990, we even had them translated into Japanese and to this day they are still used as a means to educate the people of Japan on the importance of Chiropractic Care.

Since that time I worked with my father and the video production company on updating them. Bellow you will find a brief description and a short video clip of each one. They may be purchased individually or as a set. I recommend the set, because each video builds off of the next one and not only educates the patient, but also answers questions that most often come up. They also help to build an easily established dialog between you and the patient. These videos are like having another educator in your office who helps you out on a daily bases so you can focus on adjusting and giving the best care possible.

Pre-Consultation (4 min.)

Immediately informs your patient that chiropractic is a Science, Art and Philosophy. This video is shown before the exam and x-ray on their first visit. It explains the disfunction in the human body that is causing symptoms. Describes our jobs as chiropractors, in the way that our skills  allow us to find the bone or bones, subluxation, that are out of place and how the body will, when subluxation free, heal. Replacing sick cells with healthy cells and the importance of having the entire family being checked.

X-Ray Report (7 min.)

Keeping it SIMPLE so the patient understands clearly what it’s going to take to get and stay well. The video explains why we took x-rays, how much nerve tissue is involved and how long the body will take to recover. The video also explains what is happening when the bones of the spine are out of place and how because of these bone being out of alignment that the tissue cells can become dis-eased. Dr. Sigafoose then talks about why, the outside-in method has failed them and why the x-rays will allow us to find out what is going on inside of them. The end of the video goes into the importance of time and allowing us as chiropractors to have enough of it so that the body can recreate itself with healthy cells.

Chiropractic Report (12 min.)

Literally a spinal class. This is probably the most AMAZING DVD, Dr. Sigafoose has ever made. Not only is it an excellent Chiropractic Report that you can use to educate your patients on a one to one bases, but it is a great learning tool for you, the doctor, to use and LEARN how to perform an office GROUP doctors talk. The Flip Chart that Dr. Sigafoose is using is also available, but we have updated it and it is now a PowerPoint presentation. This Report goes through everything, from the safety pin cycle to the definition of STRESS, how the brain works, the difference in muscle strength from side to side, balance, energy, subluxation, lack of motion, dysfunction and disease, rheostat effect, definition of Health and Above, Down, Inside, out (A.D.I.O.) and ends the DVD with an explanation of who needs chiropractic and why we refuse no one for care even if the patient has financial difficulties.

Symptoms (9 min.)

What if every time your patient started talking about Symptoms or lack of symptoms, you could just set them down so they could watch a quick informative video explaining to them what is going on. This will remove them from the waiting room when they are talking about a reaction to the adjustment. It allows you to have it explained over and over and to reduplicate what is going on exactly the same, each time, until the patients understand what is happening. The Symptoms video is an incredibly useful tool in your office for one of the most common reasons patients leave, that being their symptoms are gone, or that their symptoms have not gone yet. Explaining that we do not base their care on Symptoms, but on correction of the spinal misalignments. Incredibly amazing in its use and simplicity.

Maintenance (13 min.)

The final video is shown as the patient leaves active care. Instead of loosing them until their condition returns, show them this video so that they understand the importance of continuing their care on a maintenance  bases. In this video, Dr. Sigafoose uses many extremely simple examples of why maintenance care is the way to go.  Throughout the video he emphasizes that though their symptoms are gone, their body is still healing and changing and improving. He encourages them with the simple fact that they have worked incredibly  hard to get to this point and that they have spent so much money and effort, why would they ever want to allow their spine to go back to the way it was at the beginning.

Every single video allows you more time to be the Chiropractor,

while freeing up your staff to keep the office running smoothly. Imagine, if you will, having a tireless associate with you who answers every single question and objection that your potential patient might have, repeating the same thing over and over in the exact same way so that you can continue to duplicate your success on a minute to minute, day to day basis without failure. How much would that be worth to you? These videos work every single time, weather you are a new doctor just starting out or a veteran professional that just wants more time to focus on their patients actual care.

Mr. & Mrs. Stambach
Mr. & Mrs. Stambach

 “We have been chiropractic patients for years, but it was not until we went into see Dr. Lawrence and sat through his DVD education series, that we truly understood what chiropractic is and how we should incorporate it into our life permanently.  Dr. Sigafoose made it simple to understand and his use of graphics and laymen’s terminology has turned us into walking billboards for Chiropractic and Dr. Lawrence.”

                                         –Sincerely the Stambachs

Raleigh Durham, NC
Dr. Timothy Lawrence
Raleigh Durham, NC


“I was introduced to Dr. Sigafoose at a Parker Conference several years ago and was incredibly moved by his talk there, I bought all of his DVD’s and pretty much all of his material and started incorporating it into my practice immediately.  Within a month, my office went from a symptom based practice to a truly CHIROPRACTIC practice where we don’t treat symptoms and after active care, 90%+ stay on as maintenance care patients. His videos and patient education material have change my life and my patients lives. Thank you Stambachs for being my patients and for writing your testimonial. 

                                                  –Dr. Lawrence 

The videos work best when each are used in its proper order,

but they are available individually to suit your specific needs. We don’t leave you hanging once you purchase the products either. We are always here if you need us and will help guide you through the proper implementation of the entire series into your practice or even how to get the best use of only one. All of these videos and many, many other products will soon be available for you here at If you would like an early bird notification of when these and other products become available, please just leave your name and e-mail address over on the right and you will be the first to experience what, “Sigafoose,” spent a lifetime perfecting.


Chiropractic ally Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose



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