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Do You Have What It Takes? (Truth’s Journey #7)

This is the moment when it feels that all of your abilities are insufficient to reach your goal.  Most people turn back at this point, and never progress to the next level.  This depression, fear, terror, darkness of the soul, comes to everyone, whether they aim high or low in life.  It is necessary to understand this, and to know it will happen BEFORE you actually reach the point of depression.  Ask yourself the following questions:

 1) The last time you were really depressed, how did you get out of it?

 2) Do you know people who have dealt successfully with depression?  What did they do?

 3) If you are now in a positive state, what could you do to prepare for the next bout of depression?

I promise that the answer will lie in:

  1.  a) your emotional/spiritual beliefs
  2. b) your mental focus
  3. c) the way you use your body (exercise, diet, rest, etc.)

Examine yourself.  KEEP YOUR JOURNAL.  Look carefully at your entries prior to, during, and after your last depressive bout.  There will be clues.  Follow them.


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