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Truth’s Journey #4 THE ROAD OF TRIALS

The Road of Trials. This is just the “stuff” that the TRUTH does along the way, to learn what must be learned and go to the places that must be visited. The Yellow Brick Road. In Star Wars it was Mos Eisley Cantina, and the Death Star and Alderaan. You know the drill. For most of us, it’s the day to day microadventures that compose our lives.

 As you journal, most of it will just be stuff. Observations, feelings, going to work, coming home.

You can’t expect major changes and shifts to happen easily. Aim at about 1% positive change per week, and you’ll be fine. Remember, your daily journal will be an invaluable source of information on how life is actually lived and experienced. Don’t slight this precious tool, and be able to look at the data in several different ways. On any given day, you are experiencing multiple “Truth’s Journey” steps in different aspects of your life. Dig in and explore.

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