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(Think And Grow Rich #1)

“The emotions of Faith, Love, and Sex are the most powerful of all the major emotions”                                    –Napoleon Hill

Again, I’m looking at “Think and Grow Rich”, going back to the basics of my success education, looking to shore it up and plug loopholes. This triad is fascinating because most of the books that imitated it, or interpreted it, leave out the “Sex” part. Later in the book, he suggests that some of the most successful men in the country would postpone a major decision until after they had “meditated” on it in bed with their wives!

It would be fascinating to read a book like “Grow Rich” interviewing successful men and women in the same way. Not possible, because “Rich” has already been written, and therefore people kinda know the answers people are looking for. But does this work as well for women as men? Let’s say yes. “Yes” because I would think that sex, with someone you love and are committed to, is both a celebration and an additional investment in the future. I would think that holding your goal in mind during sex would be one of the most powerful processes imaginable.

It would be easy to imagine that on an unconscious level, your brain is saying:

  1. Do I have the support for this? Is my (wife/husband) in alignment with me? Will they love me more or less, if this happens?
  2. Will this provide greater security for my family? If I have more children, will they be brought into a world of plenty?
  3. Will this goal make the world a better place? Will it be a blessing to the world my children inherit?

There are so many more. But the basic idea of “You become what you think about”, and blending love, faith, and sex into a single force…hmmm. It feels like what people were saying, without realizing it, is to align yourself, align your internal resources all in the same direction. You want to do everything you can for those you love. Sex is a fantastic positive reward for right action. Faith in our abilities to fulfill our dreams is critical. Once these three are moving in the same direction, we refine, clarify, prioritize and find new and better ways to energize our actions.

But love, faith, and sex are the primary powers, according to the 500 most successful men (and a few women) of the early 20th Century.

Anyone think it doesn’t apply today?

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