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Sigafoose Audios

BJ's Green Books with Sigafoose

Sigafoose, made a promise to put BJ’s Green Books on tape. This was an ongoing process over many years.  The follow recording are of, “Sigafoose,” reading the Green Books and adding his thoughts and opinions, while bringing it up to date by using todays terminology. All of this was done in studio so it is not the LIVE presentations by, “Sigafoose,” that you might be used to. The last recording of the series is of Dr. James Sigafoose giving a LIVE talk to a group of patients, basically expressing his ideas of chiropractic that he had learned over the year via the Green Books.  Dr. James Sigafoose brings NEW LIFE to these books as he reads each passage of BJ's words. (Instant Downloads)


Overcoming Fear Through Meditation & Visualization

What is it that you FEAR? What is it that is holding you back from not only having the practice that you want, but also from being the person, wife, husband or friend that you know you can be. This two audio series, by Dr. James Sigafoose, will help you get there. Dr. Sigafoose walks you through the meditation and visualization steps.


Sigafoose at Red Deer

“Instructional Seminar at Red Deer,” will not only educate you or the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic, it will enable you to OWN it. As Patsy, Jim’s wife, loves to say, “If you’re going to buy it you might as well use it and learn it, till you can repeat it word for word, or what is the sense in buying it.” Philosophy of chiropractic at its finest as only, “Sigafoose,” could teach it. Dr. Sigafoose’s pathway to his unique and powerful understanding of chiropractic science and philosophy led him through a great variety of learning experiences, all of which enable him to articulate and explain what is important and how without the philosophy you don’t have ChiropracTIC.


Sig's Private Coaching Calls

This is a 5 Pack Bundle of Sig's Private Coaching Calls. These are never before heard calls between Dr. Sigafoose and his private coaching clients. Dating from the 1990's - 2014.  You get to eaves drop on each call while Sig drops gold bars of knowledge, philosophy and wisdom on his clients.  This information can take your practice from mediocre to one of greatness!


Note:  iPod Mini's Do Not Come With Purchase

10 Hours with Sigafoose: Audios

This collection of audio recordings of Dr. James Sigafoose was done over 3 decades. There is so much to learn here that you will be finding yourself listening to these over and over again. This set spans the course of decades in the making and is filled with FUNNY, serious and only the way Sigafoose could tell them stories. With his trademark wit and passion, Dr. Sig educates and explores the Philosophy of Chiropractic Principle. This set is one that you will find yourself listening to every day and walking away with something new each time.


The Best of Sigafoose the Great!

This of a collection of some of Dr. James Sigafoose's GREATEST Talks!  We all know how energized and how fired up Sig could get when he took the stage, these recordings capture the very essence of Sigafoose.  You'll hear Dr. Sigafoose talk about Why Chiropractic Is Necessary For Health and Wellness and The Healing Philosophy of Chiropractic. There are 21 audio files in this series.


Sigafoose - The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

Dr. James Sigafoose shares his insights and wisdom into what it takes to reconnect man the physical with man the spiritual and tap into that healing consciousness so that you can not only heal others, but heal yourself.