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Money (A Spiritual Idea?)

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Jim Sigafoose’s weekly teleconference, July 2010

Money, is it a spiritual idea? Some religions and people say that the love of money is the route of all evil,Chiropractic Marketing Profits but it is not.

For if all is an expression of life, then money is also an expression of life.

The law of exchange is a very good thing, if we are going to acquire wealth or money. The cause projects it, but the cause is never seen.

To activate the cause, we must acquire a money consciousness, so the true idea of money is spiritual.

We need to declare daily that all the power in the Universe, is bringing us all that we need and deserve.

Remember that those that have much will get much, just as those who have little will loose it.

We must get rid of all doubt. Do not talk of poverty or limitation and hit the million dollar consciousness.

We can speak life or we can speak death, so if we have negative thinking then that is what we bring into our lives. We are speaking death to ourselves. Conversely we can speak life into our lives as well.

Tithings are an example of this, if we do this we will get more in return. We can not think one thing and say another. If you tithe, you will reap so much that you will be amazed. The American Indian gave more of what he had away, then what he kept, because he knew that what we give we get back 10 fold.

We need to see money coming to us from every direction. Claim the things that we want. If we see someone who has more then what we have, we get jealous. We need not do this, because if someone else can do it, you can do it too. Affirm it. All you need is yours.

Universal law states that when we think it, when we put it out there, it IS.

It is law.

thoughtThink about what you want and attract it from the Universe. It not only applies to money but it can apply to your practice as well.

When I started growing in my practice going from 18 a day to 2000 a week, I told people what I was seeing, not what I was adjusting.

I walked by faith not by sight.

It moved from the unseen world to the seen world. This is just as real as the sun rising to the sun setting. The ability to build your money, your practice is in your mind.

What is a successful practice?

It is different for everyone because success is not the destination it is the journey.

Success is for whatever is best for you. Your success lies in reaching YOUR potential not someone else’s. When a person fails to reach their goal they loose faith in what they are doing they try to change instead of staying the course.

What are we in Chiropractic business for? We are in it to serve, to teach people what Chiropractic is, not for money. We are here to teach people the BIG IDEA.

We want the people to understand what we do and when we do that, they will come and they will pay and the money will follow. This is, The Universal Law of Giving and Receiving. What ever you plant is what you are going to get, just like the farmer.

What are you mentally planting.

What do you expect to receive in return?

Commitment, commit to the Principle. When you become committed, then the people will be committed to you. Chiropractic is a way of life, because the principle is apart of you.

As you can see, my father loved to talk in short, but powerful statements. I must have listened to that call 100 times, but I think the most powerful thing he said was that the principle is apart of,”You.”

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Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose

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