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Create A Definite Plan (TAGR #3)

“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once to put this plan into action.”–Napoleon Hill

What are the presumptions in this sentence?

1) That you have clarified your wants into a very few definite aims. This is harder than it sounds: most people know what they don’t like in their lives, but aren’t clear on what they want.

2) Write down your plans. Again, this is hard for most people. They can have vague dreams up the wazoo, but ask them to actually write them down, and they freeze. It is scary to write down our dreams and needs: it involves admitting you really want something, which you actually care about. Once you care, you can be hurt if you don’t get it. Best to be blasé.

3) That you understand the need to maintain sensory acuity, and notice the results you get from your actions. One of the reasons to take action NOW is that as you take actions, you see the results you get. It is the RESULTS OF YOUR ACTIONS that begin to tell you the actual shape of the environment you move through. If you are operating in illusion, your efforts will fall short.

There are more, including the belief that we can affect our own futures, and the implication that we have the right to do so. This single sentence, again, can change your life if taken seriously. “Think and Grow Rich” has thousands of them.

I’m enjoying this re-visitation immensely.

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