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TIME – September 2008 – Phone Consultation

First and foremost I would like to say thank you for taking the time to listen to this pod cast, because without you there would be no reason to do it. There is not much that my father did not do, that he wanted to do. There is not much that he did not do,…

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Patient Education Videos — Educating Your Patient From Day ONE!

Did you know that Dr. Jim Sigafoose has made multiple chiropractic care videos that can take your patient from Day One all the way through to Maintenance Care? I have been working with these videos ever since my father created them. While living in Japan in 1990, we even had them translated into Japanese and…

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Empowering: “You CAN’T Do That, So Why Bother?”

I can not tell you how many times in my life I have been told, “You Can’t Do That, So Why Bother.” That one single statement has made me second guess myself my entire life. Well that is not the only thing I have been told by people who have influence or control over my life.…

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“Wisdom” From Sigafoose, Filling your Website and Facebook With Incredible Content!

While there is a ton of content out there for you to use and share, it can be time consuming looking for it and finding just the correct article or information to post. “Wisdom, From Sigafoose,” is FILLED with article after article and Daily Affirmations and Quotes Of The Day that you can use either…

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Calling A Subluxation A Nonallopathic Lesion — Is Like Calling An Apple A Pomme De Terre (Potato).

I love the term “Opinion,” it describes ones own thoughts on a subject without actually stating the reasons why or a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. With this in mind I offer up the difference between a Subluxation and a Nonallopathic Lesion. So I digress a bit, first…

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Vaccines don’t work and I don’t need you telling me they do — I know how to read!

February 1, 2015 For the past few weeks I have been seeing a big increase in the number of post in social media about vaccines. There have been all the pro vaccers and the con vaccers standing on their mighty pulpits, screaming from the top of their lungs as to who is right and who…

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Growing Up “Sigafoose”

My earliest memories are of Chiropractic. My father was a Chiropractor well before I was born: He went to school at National in Chicago and later practiced in New Freedom, Pennsylvania, then Scottsdale, Arizona, Thomasville, Pennsylvania, St. Simmons Island, Gerogia and finally Venice, Florida. I remember the PA years the most. Dad was a great Chiropractor…

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“Good Medicine” Finding Ourselves and Finding Others.

Medicine means one’s own personal power or expression of life. If we can find ourselves, we can then find others. It is in the finding of others that leads us to the service of God and good. This is an earth walk and as the medicine wheel teaches us to get in touch and determine…

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“Catch The Lightning”

The following is the, “Foreward,” from the last book that my father wrote, Catch The Lightning. It is by far a book that you will have to read and read again and again. As I was writing the forward, I literally had to go back over it several times, not because I did not understand it,…

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Sigafoose And The Power Of Consciousness

The following is only six pages of Dr Jim’s book, “SIGAFOOSE & The Power of Consciousness.” We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing it. All of this and more will be available in their entirety at If you would like to be informed when the site is finished, just opt-in on…

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