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The following is an excerpt from, “Abundance For Chiropractors,” by Dr. James M. Sigafoose.

From the beginning, Chiropractors have searched for a miracle that would guarantee a high level of success in everything that they wanted to do. Something that would ensure personal happiness – a simple way to make all hopes and dreams come true.

  • If you want more health, get health consciousness.
  • More power; get power consciousness.
  • More happiness; get happiness consciousness.
  • Live it as if it were, because you already have it.
  • Much gathers more and loss gathers loss.

All of our experiences in life are the result of our predominant attitude. The attitude of mind depends 10489789_10152601292009359_2415607421387508557_nupon what we think. Therefore, all of our achievement depends upon what we think.

We must BE before we can DO and we can DO to the extent that we are and what we are depends on what we think.

The world without is a mirror of the world within. What comes to us in the world without, comes from the world within. All possession is based on consciousness. We are related to the world without by the objective mind. The brain is the organ of the mind.

We are related to the world within via the innate mind.

This system of nerves presides over all subjective sensations, such as joy, fear, love, emotion and imagination. It is through innate that we are connected with Universal mind and brought into relation with the universal constructive forces. Our future is entirely under our control by coordinating both conscious and innate; by understanding their function – which is the secret of life. We can bring objective and subjective minds into conscious cooperation and coordinate the finite with the infinite. There is but one principle pervading the entire universe, occupying all space and being the same at all points of its presence. There is but one mind and one consciousness able to think and it follows your consciousness and is identical with Universal consciousness. Universal mind is potential energy. Each individual is the individualization of the universal.

The ability of one to think is their ability to act on universal and bring it to manifestation. Human consciousness consists of our ability to think.

There are two modes of operation of the mind: One is conscious and the other is innate. Of these two, the outward is the conscious mind using the five senses. The interior power is the innate mind. Besides the mental function, it controls that which makes life possible in the body.

To the degree that we cease using the conscious; life gets easier. Innate inspires us, controls memory and does things the conscious mind has no capacity to do. You can reverse your conditions in life. When you control your conscious mind correctly, it directs innate mind. Innate is instinctive.

Conscious mind is reasoning. Innate relies upon the conscious mind for direction. Innate perceives by intuition, thus it is live-511556_150quite rapid. Innate never sleeps, never takes a day off. By stating anything to innate mind, certain things are accomplished. Forces are sent into motion to get results.

Those that trust and depend on innate find that miracles do happen. Innate does not judge. If we make the wrong suggestion, we can reverse it by saying, “Cancel, Cancel” and suggest something counter to that. Innate has to do with the vital processes restoring health and the desire to improve conditions; it also is the storehouse for memory.

On the spiritual side, innate is the source of imagination. We can understand our sources of power. How can innate change conditions?

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