“Catch The Lightning”

The following is the, “Foreward,” from the last book that my father wrote, Catch The Lightning. It is by far a book that you will have to read and read again and again. As I was writing the forward, I literally had to go back over it several times, not because I did not understand it,…

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Sigafoose And The Power Of Consciousness

The following is only six pages of Dr Jim’s book, “SIGAFOOSE & The Power of Consciousness.” We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing it. All of this and more will be available in their entirety at If you would like to be informed when the site is finished, just opt-in on…

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collage jim sigafoose

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Jim Sigafoose

Okay folks, Patsy and I were talking and we were wondering if people who knew and loved Sig, knew him the way we knew him at home. Patsy said that Sig, Dad, was so transparent, that most likely you all know all of this already. If we are able to surprise you with a few…

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thoughts become things


The following is an excerpt from, “Abundance For Chiropractors,” by Dr. James M. Sigafoose. From the beginning, Chiropractors have searched for a miracle that would guarantee a high level of success in everything that they wanted to do. Something that would ensure personal happiness – a simple way to make all hopes and dreams come…

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Billy the Life Cell (Chiropractic Cartoon & Coloring Book)

One of two children’s books that my father either wrote or co-wrote and our FIRST cartoon that we have made. “Billy,” is the short, but heart felt story of a cell who dreams of being something more, but in the end was the savior of his host, Tom. An excellent story for the children in…

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Budget Problems?

Money (A Spiritual Idea?)

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Jim Sigafoose’s weekly teleconference, July 2010 Money, is it a spiritual idea? Some religions and people say that the love of money is the route of all evil, but it is not. For if all is an expression of life, then money is also an expression of life.…

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