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The BIG Mysterious Word!- Kids & Chiropractic

One of the most important patients you will every see is a child. Chiropractic and children go hand and hand and babies can be checked by chiropractors very soon after birth and special techniques have been developed to carefully correct any subluxated areas. When we appreciate how the nervous system may be hindered and impaired…

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Consultation Call!

Sigafoose’s Last Consultation Call

Dr. Sigafoose touches on two different questions on his final consultation call. One – “Why are we not getting all the miraculous cases we used to?” And Two – “Why are you as a chiropractor having budgetary problems.” Let’s jump into the first question. “Why are we not getting all the miraculous cases we used…

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Sigafoose Website – LAUNCH!

HELLO! Welcome to the launch of the re-vamped and basically entirely NEW It’s finally here! The day we’ve all been waiting for! As you know, we’ve been working really, really hard on the Sigafoose website for months and months now, and TODAY is the day of it’s Relaunch! Over the next week, we are…

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Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking – Sig’s Message

The following message was sent out to all of Dr. Sigafoose’s System Coaching clients. It really is amazing the things we are finding as we are filing and boxing all of my fathers work. STOP THINKING Just what does that mean stop thinking. I have told you to be prepared and just go in the…

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If You Don’t Know Subluxation, You Don’t Know Chiropractic

The following essay was written by Dr. Carey N. Pabouet-Sigafoose, via research from, Dr. James M. Sigafoose’s writings, videos and audio presentations.   Patients of chiropractic; you don’t know chiropractic unless you know subluxation. And the reason I make this statement is because there are many of you who have gone to a chiropractor for…

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Mount Fuji, Japan

Why Am I Doing This? —

One of the questions that I seem to be getting asked the most, is, “Why am I doing this, why am I re-doing and is this the right time?” My simple answer is, “Because.” The long answer is, I have been wanting to do this for years. It all started way back in 1989-1990.…

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“Instructional Seminar at Red Deer” Chiropractic Philosophy

Philosophy of chiropractic at its finest as only, “Sigafoose,” could teach it. Dr. Sigafoose’s pathway to his unique and powerful understanding of chiropractic science and philosophy led him through a great variety of learning experiences, all of which enable him to articulate and explain what is important and how without the philosophy you don’t have ChiropracTIC.…

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Higher Grounds Seminars (6 digital video series)

This six digital video series was created to help each and everyone of us create a volume practice. This series was made and videoed at the “Sigafoose & Jackson Chiropractic Clinic” in York, Pennsylvania. Dr. James M. Sigafoose: A Lasting Legacy You didn’t need to be around Sig for very long to understand his focus…

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10 Hours With Sigafoose

What Is This, “10 Hours With Sigafoose,” I Keep Hearing About?

With 100’s and 100’s hours of listening choices to choose from, “10 Hours With Sigafoose,” is most likely one of the most sought after set in the veritable plethora of listening choices at Below is a breakdown of each recording. We have highlighted what is covered in each set. There is so much to…

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The – Mental Part – of Thinking What We Want (Bringing It Into Existence)

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Jim Sigafoose’s weekly teleconference, September 2010 99.99% of where we end up is from what we think, say and do. From this we give birth to an idea from what we are thinking. We have to bring it into life by forming it in our thoughts first. By excepting…

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