The Truth Gathers Allies and Powers. (Truth’s Journey #5 Part III)

Remember: if you currently had the skills necessary to accomplish your goal, you’d probably already have it. What you have to do is to determine the skill and resources you currently have, figure out the skills and resources necessary to reach your goal, subtract the first from the second, and what you have is the…

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YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS YOU! (Truth’s Journey #5 Part II)

This aspect of, “The Truth’s Journey,” might be the most controversial. It suggests that our relationships reveal a huge amount about who and what we are. If you like what you see across the breakfast table, pat yourself on the back. And if you don’t–you need to do some serious internal work, because that relationship,…

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The TRUTH Gathers Allies, & Gains Powers. (Truth’s Journey #5 Part I)

This will probably require several entries, because it is a vital, and rarely addressed aspect of goal setting. In life, this is the time when the truth meets the people who will help him or her, and gains the abilities required to resolve the issue. After all, if you already had all the abilities necessary…

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Truth’s Journey #4 THE ROAD OF TRIALS

The Road of Trials. This is just the “stuff” that the TRUTH does along the way, to learn what must be learned and go to the places that must be visited. The Yellow Brick Road. In Star Wars it was Mos Eisley Cantina, and the Death Star and Alderaan. You know the drill. For most…

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Well, obviously, unless the TRUTH accepts the challenge, there is no story, in the simple sense. Of course, there are stories that deal with the process of decision (“Ordinary People”), and stories where we are incapable of deciding. What has to happen for a person to begin his or her journey? There must be more…

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Why? Because a challenge great enough to really expand you, or move you to the next level, will threaten your ego. Such a change is interpreted as “death,” and will trigger the same fear response. I remember attending a workshop once called sexual magic, and all I was being asked to do was go back…

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For those of you who are not a member of, “Sigafoose Weekly,”(our weekly phone consultation group with recorded calls from Dr. James Sigafoose’s) you won’t know about my, Truth’s Journey, program. But within the group I had been talking about journalling and writing about our members fears and thoughts and well pretty much about everything…

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I went to a party once for a lovely, talented chiropractor. A couple of things occurred to me as I watched and talked and interacted with her guests, who were mostly professors, lawyers and chiropractors. 1) They were smart. I mean, REALLY smart. College educations as the bottom line. Most impressed me as having the…

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Shall We Forgive? Forget?

Shall we forgive? Forget? And if we cannot forgive others, how can we ever forgive ourselves for our own failings? And yet if we forgive too much, aren’t we exposing ourselves to danger? Are we at the most basic level good? Or evil? Can we perfect ourselves, or is that the province of God’s Grace?…

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When A Hotel Gets The “Big Idea”

In an attempt to write about other areas of interest I came across an incredible hotel that gets the bigger idea about living life. This post was NOT solicited by EVEN Hotels, I was just simply blown away that a company, and a hotel at that, is looking at life in a different way, and…

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