Tired?  Tired of being tired? You aren’t alone.  There are few human qualities more highly sought than energy.  It determines our ability to enjoy life, to attract mates, to finish projects, to protect our families, to shape our bodies effectively, and so much more. While there are endless specific suggestions about herbs, exercises, meditations, supplements,…

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Now, it’s possible to “focus” on, say, technique for years and never develop good skills. Such people might focus on, say, adjusting 100 people a day without visualizing where they are coming from, or getting coaching. In essence, they’ve been practicing adjusting rather than visualizing growth. It isn’t practice but effective or “perfect practice” that…

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The Student Becomes The Teacher – The Truth’s Journey #10

The Student becomes the Teacher.  A vital part of the cycle of life, this completion, when the seeker steps into the space of mastery, creates the room for another seeker.  While we must all remain students, we must also grow up, become adults, take our place as holders of wisdom.  As a dear friend once…

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The Truth Confronts Evil Victoriously – Truth’s Journey #9

The Truth Confronts Evil Victoriously.  This is the traditional reward for a person who makes it through the previous eight steps honorably and courageously.  Who has faith, good friends, works hard and long, and is clear on goals and values.  In other words, who has become a more mature human being.  It is very rarely…

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THE LEAP OF FAITH (The Truth’s Journey #8)

The Leap of Faith.  One of the most crucial aspects of the Truth’s Journey process is Faith.  Simply put, life will throw challenges at you that are beyond your conscious reserves, beyond your concept of self.  What will get you through?  It is fascinating to note that a freakily high percentage of peak performers in…

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Do You Have What It Takes? (Truth’s Journey #7)

This is the moment when it feels that all of your abilities are insufficient to reach your goal.  Most people turn back at this point, and never progress to the next level.  This depression, fear, terror, darkness of the soul, comes to everyone, whether they aim high or low in life.  It is necessary to…

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TRUTH Confronts Evil, And Is Defeated. (Truth’s Journey #6)

Contrary to most people’s beliefs, failure is nothing to be avoided–it is an absolutely vital part of the process of learning your abilities, or accomplishing something new. “The only way you know how far you can go is by going too far.” Reaching muscle failure is one of the ways you communicate to your muscles…

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The Truth Gathers Allies and Powers. (Truth’s Journey #5 Part III)

Remember: if you currently had the skills necessary to accomplish your goal, you’d probably already have it. What you have to do is to determine the skill and resources you currently have, figure out the skills and resources necessary to reach your goal, subtract the first from the second, and what you have is the…

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YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS YOU! (Truth’s Journey #5 Part II)

This aspect of, “The Truth’s Journey,” might be the most controversial. It suggests that our relationships reveal a huge amount about who and what we are. If you like what you see across the breakfast table, pat yourself on the back. And if you don’t–you need to do some serious internal work, because that relationship,…

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The TRUTH Gathers Allies, & Gains Powers. (Truth’s Journey #5 Part I)

This will probably require several entries, because it is a vital, and rarely addressed aspect of goal setting. In life, this is the time when the truth meets the people who will help him or her, and gains the abilities required to resolve the issue. After all, if you already had all the abilities necessary…

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